Engagement Photos

A few weeks ago our daughter Ashley went from Virginia Beach to Honolulu to visit her friend Erin, who is also one of her bridesmaids. A portion of this blog is re-posted with Erin’s permission from her blog, Crafty Girl Problems.

“Aloha! During Ashley’s visit she asked me to make a few things for her upcoming engagement photos. I said, “uh duh, yes.” We made a few stops at craft stores around the island and we got our materials. I spent all week working on little signs in our down time. I even had the bride to be help with the base painting and top clear coats. She pretty much let me do my thing and trusted my artistic hand all while giving good ideas and opinions to make the signs turn out even better. I think I taught her a few of my crafty ways too!
Ashley and her fiance Chris are huge dog lovers. Between the two of them they have two fur babies and have their minds set on another pup before their wedding in 2015. Ashley and I were throwing ideas out there for her signs and we came up with a sign specially for the pups! With that, my pallet addiction took over, yet again. I honestly think that the sign for the pups could possibly be my favorite of my recent crafts. I just love the little milk bone on the left side of the sign. Be sure to tell me what you think.
Our Humans

When I first walked into this local craft store (a week before Ashley got here) I had my eye on this little string of hearts. I was teetering on buying it for Kristen’s wedding but for the life of me, I couldn’t think of how to use it. When I took Ashley to the craft store I was pretty happy when she wanted to get it.

We had the best idea to print her wedding date on it and I love how it turned out.
Finished Hearts

After seeing all of my chalkboard paint works of art, Ashley knew that she wanted one for herself. Here is what we came up with. A beachy sign for the beachy couple.

Such a busy touristy week and I still had time to make all of these little cuties! Can’t wait to see how the engagement photos turn out! Congratulations love birds.”

Erin, you and Ashley did a great job, and I promise you will be helping out with more decorations and ideas for the big day in 2015!

Ashley and Chris had their engagement photos taken this week, and we’re so excited about how they turned out that we have to share. The signs were used perfectly, and their dogs actually cooperated with our photographer! Course, they were all dressed up in their blue polka dot bow ties, so they had no choice!
dogs with signs
Please follow this link to see more of Ashley and Chris’ Engagement Photos. We love how all of the signs were used, as well as how beautiful these pictures of our daughter and future son-in-law came out. Special thanks to our very talented photographer, Amanda Hedgepeth Photography in Virginia Beach. And for those of you who read our blog featuring the starfish wedding cake toppers, how do you like Ashley’s photos with her ring being worn by the starfish? (I just wonder how Amanda got her to actually take it off her finger??!!)

Feel free to leave your comments on either our page, or our photographer’s page.

Champagne and Starfish

Every bride has her own ideas for what she wants on top of her wedding cake. Sometimes the groom even gets a say in it, although in our experience, the bride usually has the final word….if she even consults the groom!

With beach themed weddings so popular these days, and since we’re located in a beach area, naturally we’ve done several beach-themed cake toppers. Starfish are really popular these days, both for reception table décor as well as cake toppers. In fact, we hadn’t even thought about doing anything with starfish until a local baker asked if we could make a starfish bridal couple for a client she was working with. So we created our first Mr. and Mrs. Starfish!
They were so popular we ended up making several more, including a special order for a Florida couple who wanted their son, who was going to be the ring bearer, incorporated into the cake top display.
That was fun, and gave us ideas to create other starfish couples! What do you think of these?

But our favorite cake toppers are still our champagne cork couples. Winery themed weddings are also very popular now, and with the state of Virginia (where we’re located) having over 200 wineries, well, our champagne wedding cake couples certainly have a lot of places they can visit! Of course, not all wine themed weddings have to take place at a winery.

We like to have our starfish couples a bit glitzy, after all it IS a wedding! And most of our champagne cork brides and grooms are also elegantly dressed, as you can see here.

3 Toppers
My Corks
Cork Couples

However, who said champagne can’t be enjoyed on the beach? So we created some beachy cork couples and dressed them in more casual wedding attire and surrounded them with shells.
Shell Tops
As you may have read previously, our daughter is recently engaged, and planning a beach themed wedding. With starfish.

And although she’s already picked out her cake topper, wouldn’t some of these look great as part of the table decorations?
Starfish Toppers
If you’re interested in any of these cake toppers, contact me to discuss.