After Darkness Comes Light | Losing a Sibling To Drugs

Eventually we move on with our grief, and continue to find refuge in our faith. We learn to live and laugh again. We learn, because the Lord gets us through! Continued blessings to Amanda and her family!

I guess I basically have been an avoider of feelings for the majority of the year since we lost my brother in January because starting to typing and write this had me unexpectedly tear up and feel some pain of the loss again. I didn’t expect that, because I haven’t been “upset” about it lately. We hadn’t been close in so long, my most recent favorite memories of time spent with him were when I saw him during my college days and that’s when I remember him being the most “normal” and that was around 2002-2006. I honestly don’t know if he was doing a lot of drugs around that time but he looked his best and acted the most normal, so I try to remember him that way.

Last January was INSANE. It was just insane. I took part in the inspirational, life changing and heart warming Creative at Heart…

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