Our Brother Tony | Personal

My dear friend Amanda knows grief. She knows the pain of losing a sibling to drugs. When this was posted I cried for her and her entire family and I still do. However, she is a wonderful example of how faith can triumph over grief. May all of you be blessed and comforted by her story.

Last Friday, I posted one of the most intense and statistically successful blogs I have EVER posted…I couldn’t even believe the support. So many views, so many emails and positive comments. SO much positivity. Then..a crushing blow, an email from my best friend saying she never wanted to speak to me again. “Okay” — I thought..I guess it’s time to put on the Taylor and Shake It Off as best I can..but it still put a little of a damper on the weekend.

Then Saturday night I finally get a little mama time and get to see my friend Katie for a drink and dinner around the corner at Trio. I get home, get in my car, go grocery shopping and talk to Mike to hear that Ellie has a fever, again. And this time, it ended up being higher so off to the ER we go for the second…

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