Why Do I Need a Planner?

You may think planning a wedding isn’t all that complicated. After all, you’ve seen all these ideas on Pinterest…and you have your Pinterest wedding board all set up….how complicated can it be?

But then you start thinking beyond asking your girl friends to be bridesmaids, and about picking out THE perfect dress, and thinking about what flavor you want for your wedding cake, and what kind of flowers, well….there’s a whole lot more that goes into the “I do’s” than you ever realized. How do you make sure everything goes correctly? You’re suddenly overwhelmed.

You’re even considering eloping. But that isn’t the answer either.

Plus you’re working, and so is he, and all of a sudden you don’t have as much time as you think to make all these plans. How in the world do you bring it all together? That’s where It’s Your Wedding comes in!

Because that’s what we do! Make your life easier. At least when it comes to planning the most important day of your lives!

Yes, you have a lot of ideas, but do you know how much they cost? Do you even have a budget yet?

At It’s Your Wedding we know how you feel. But we also know how to put everything together for you so that the biggest day of your life runs smoothly. All you’ll have to be concerned with on your wedding day will be walking down the aisle to the man of your dreams, smiling for pictures, and just enjoying yourself!

Contact us for a free consultation and see how easy we can make your life! At least when it comes to planning your wedding!

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