Bridal Towel Cakes and Cupcakes

Every bride needs towels of course, but let’s face it. There’s nothing really exciting about them!

Unless…..they’er made into a beautiful towel cake for a bridal shower centerpiece or a handcrafted wedding gift! Then they become something truly special. Many of our brides liked their “cakes” so much they didn’t want to take them apart and used the cakes for quite some time as decoration, just as they received it!

Each of our tiered bridal towel cakes include a complete set of soft towels for two, and are “frosted” with ribbon, flowers, lovebirds, whatever bridal goodes are in keeping with her wedding colors and theme. All bridal towel cakes are custom made to order for each recipient, and can even be made using towels selected from the couple’s bridal registry.

Single layer cakes are also available, just like the top layer of their actual wedding cake that the happy couple traditionally saves to enjoy on their first anniversary.

We also have several styles of bridal cupcakes already made and ready to purchase from our on-line store or they can also be made to order, just like the full size cakes….we can even create the full size cake with matching cupcakes. Our bridal cupcakes would also make wonderful gifts for the bridesmaids, or could even be used as favors at a shower or bridal luncheon.

Haev an idea for what you’r like us to design? Or do you want to select from what we’ve already made? Start shopping with us now — click here to go to our on-line store.

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