Our Story

I’ve always been interested in creating things and working with colors, but unfortunately, as much as I wanted to do it, drawing and painting were never on my list of skills!

And I’ve always wanted to learn cake decorating; some of the creations I’ve seen are amazing! Unfortunately, try as I might, I just don’t have that ability either!

So when I discovered towel and diaper cakes on-line (of course!) I found out I could decorate with flowers and other things, and not have to worry about frostings not turning out right, or having to rush to get it all done before everything spoiled, and then if it didn’t look like I’d planned it, well, all I had to do was pull the decorations off and start again!

And since everyone I made the cakes for liked them so much, it was natural to go into business with them, and after weeks of trying out names, Cake-A-Bye Baby was created! Check to see what we have to offer!

But wait — where do the corks come in? Ah, that’s another story…which begins with a Christmas tree!

A little over a year ago my husband decided he wanted to add another Christmas tree to the SIX we already had. But he had a plan — seems he’d seen all these wine-themed ornaments on sale, and since we both have a taste for a good bottle of wine….well, why not!? So we got the ornaments and the tree, but it was lacking something. So in my more creative mode I decided to start saving all of our wine corks, and asking our friends to do the same, and I’d make some garlands the next year for the wine tree.

And yes, you guessed it! After saving our corks, and begging for them everywhere we went, I had enough for three garlands. So I bought some beads (do you know how many gorgeous colorful beads there are out there?!) and started making my garlands last year.

Well, they looked so pretty I showed them to our friends, and they wanted some, and then another friend wanted to buy some…so I needed more corks. And naturally more beads…!!

Then I discovered wine cork tree ornaments on Pinterest! Oops! That did it! I was hooked beyond measure! More beads…more corks…more products to make. Now at every restaurant we go to I always ask for their wine corks, and some are even saving them for me!

And what better name to use than The Beaded Cork! So now I have two businesses to enjoy! Be sure to check out all of these creations, because there’re now a lot more than just Christmas items.

Wonder what I can come up with next? Any suggestions?

And if you want to send me some corks…..

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