Our Services

Whether you’re looking for someone to plan and coordinate your entire wedding and reception, or you just need help putting everything together on the big day…..we’re happy to help! Our services are designed just that way. We can coordinate the right package just for you.

Our philosophy is quite simple. Your wedding is about the two of you. Not about how everyone else thinks it should be. It’s your wedding. No one else’s. And your wedding should reflect your tastes and desires…not someone else’s. That’s why we only book one wedding on your wedding date. That’s your wedding. You’re not sharing your day with another bride.

We start out with a FREE one hour consultation with you, and your groom, if he’s available. We’ll talk about your particular love story, and your vision of what your wedding day should be like. (And yes, please feel free to share your Pinterest boards with us!) And we’re not talking just how many bridesmaids and what colors and what kind of flowers….there’s more than just that. Your wedding is a direct reflection of the two of you. Your style, your personality, and your love for each other. All that combines to form YOUR WEDDING. Your way.

Take a look at the services we offer, and then contact us so we can set up your free consultation.

And let the fun begin!


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