Thank You’s

“Thank you, Deborah, for planning our wedding! We had a unique challenge, being over 700 miles away from our family and friends in Virginia, and not really knowing until a few weeks before that we were going to be able to actually get there and pull it off, or even where we were going to have the wedding and reception! We were so happy with the way you handled everything down to the last detail, from the decorating to the food to making sure we all knew what we were supposed to be doing! Our wedding was wonderful! I’m so glad we trusted you to handle things for us! Thank you so much!!!”

Candee and David F….

“We can’t thank you enough for helping us plan our wedding. You were such a help in selecting the venue, finding the right vendors, helping us with the decorating (and even making the table decorations for us), and making sure everything went totally perfect on our wedding day. We certainly wouldn’t have known where to begin. You even found the right person to make those cheesecake cake pops that we wanted…and they were beautiful as well as delicious! We’re so glad you knew what you were doing, because we couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you so much!”

Shadoe and Zach J….

Deborah Newell was a delight to work with as our wedding planner for my daughter’s wedding. It was a very interesting time for our family, as we had only two weeks’ notice to prepare for a church wedding, complete with all the trimmings, including outfitting an entire bridal party! Everything went very smoothly and the wedding was beautiful. Deborah was very organized and took everything in her stride and with good humor, which was no easy feat with less than two weeks to pull off a beautiful wedding, and working with a bride who still wanted to make last minute changes (including adding a bridesmaid on the day of the wedding). The reception was as amazing as the ceremony, and the entire event was a wonderful time and a great blessing with precious lifetime memories made. Our family would highly recommend her as your wedding planner!

Pastor Linda Salzman……

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