The Beaded Cork

From just trying to save enough corks to make a few ropes of garland for our newest Christmas tree, to adding wine cork ornaments when I discovered I had extras, well…I must say cork collecting and beading got a bit addictive very quickly! There are just so many pretty beads out there, and so many tossed out wine corks just waiting to be dressed up and repurposed for a whole new life!

The Christmas ornaments and garland were great, but since they’re only used once a year, I just had to find more uses for all the corks I had saved up!

That’s when I created the wine cork pendants for wine bottles, and even designed a separate line of pendants that are perfect for weddings, bridal showers, bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts. And then there’s the bride and groom champagne corks to be used first as a wedding cake topper and then on to decorate the couple’s favorite wine bottles!

Be sure to check out our Wedding Section to see what we have to offer. New items are being added all the time!

Then there are our Corked Cakes, an exclusive to The Beaded Cork, which are perfect for all kinds of occasions…weddings, birthdays, maybe even a unique way to stage an engagement, with the ring placed on the top of the cake! The possibilities are endless, and more styles are currently being designed.

Take a look at what we have to offer, or better yet start shopping now!

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