Birds of a Feather

Over the past few years we’ve become big fans of these lovely pink birds that frequent Florida and other tropical places. In fact, we have a somewhat overwhelming collection of flamingo art at home, so it was only natural that we created a line of whimsical wine cork flamingos!

Our own unique creation, each flamingo has a name (of course) as well as his or her own personal story! Just like you and me!

There’s Thelma, the leader of the flamingo shopping brigade, who’s never seen without her beaded pink purse!

Martha the Flamingo has been checking out singles cruises to Aruba, while her best friend Mabel has opened her own night club in the Cayman Islands (specializing in pink tropical drinks, naturally).

Flamingo George is a tennis and golf enthusiast who never misses an opportunity to play in a charity golf tournament.

Then there are Harold and Harriett and their friends Oscar and Olivia, our wedding cake topper flamingos, all decked out in their wedding finery!

For their complete stories, as well as the opportunity to meet ALL of our flamingo friends, be sure to visit our store and shop our section “Birds of a Feather”!

Stop back often, because we have a feeling some more of these flashy pink birds might just appear!

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