Corked Cakes

After making so many of those towel cupcakes and mini bridal towel cakes, I started thinking how we could do something creative like that with corks — and of course — “corked cakes”! Why not!

Although a little more complicated to get right than I’d originally thought, finally, I figured it out; and we are now pleased to offer these cute little cakes, made out of recycled wine corks! Perfect for a unique gift item for your favorite wine lover, or for bridal shower favors, attendants gifts… Or how about a unique engagement idea by presenting the ring on top of the cake as a special topper!

These unique cakes would also be a great accompaniment to a special bottle of wine for a birthday or anniversary. Made from either synthetic or natural recycled wine corks, these two and three tier creations can be customized in a number of different ways with different flowers or colors…even miniature grapes or beads!

Larger cakes with more tiers are certainly available as a custom order. Click here if you’re ready to shop!

And something tells me you’ll see corked Christmas trees this fall….

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