Wine Cork Jewelry

What first started out as an experiment turned out to be something really unique and fun!

As much as I’m enjoying doing the beading on my corks, I just don’t see myself making beaded jewelry (at least not yet)! But since I had these really pretty large beads, and all these lonely unused corks lying around, what could I make with them? I just couldn’t see myself wearing a corked necklace, but a lapel pin — that was a different story!

Although cutting the corks isn’t the easiest thing I’ve ever done, I (sort of) finally figured it out, and my first wine cork pin became a reality. Unfortunately, I liked it so much that I decided to keep it rather than sell it. After all, it’s advertising — right? And since I got so many compliments on it, I now have a new product line! And you’d be amazed what looks really good on wine cork pins! Fabric flowers, pendants, charms, a mixture of different beads…

And does anyone have some old earrings they’re not wearing anymore….?

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