Cake Toppers

These days, toppers for wedding cakes range from anything from a DIY Sign with the couple’s names, ceramic birds, monogram, fresh or silk flowers, the traditional bride and groom figurines… name it!

The Beaded Cork has another suggestion — our elegantly decorated bride and groom champagne corks! Some are designed to be used as wine bottle pendants after the big day. Some are mounted on a topper of flowers and some are individual corks which can be placed on the cake top and decorated in any way the couple wishes. (And they’d also make a great gift item!)

The majority of our wedding cake toppers consist of our groom with his beaded/button top hat, ribbon bow tie, and decorated tuxedo suiting. Our brides feature a wedding veil attached to a beautiful button or bead, some accented with flowers, and a “dress” made from an elegant vintage style bead. Each is slightly different, or we can even custom design a special set based on your wedding colors. And we will also be glad to include your entire wedding party into champagne corks for gifts, favors, or table accents.

And for something a bit different, we also make beaded starfish bride and groom toppers!

Be sure to check out The Beaded Cork and select your special wedding cake topper — or contact us to discuss a custom design. Our champagne cork bride and groom sets are probably the most fun of all the items we make!

So why not start shopping now!

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