2017-01-28-15-42-58-2It’s been a long road, five years to be exact, since I started writing my mother’s story.

In the beginning I wasn’t really sure how I should do it, but I knew I wanted to, and I also knew I NEEDED to! Because there is no road map on how to deal with the problems that come with parental aging, and subsequently, the death of your mother or father. If I’d had some type of guidebook, some type of instruction manual, at the time, I would have been extremely grateful. Although I had several friends who had already lost their mothers who helped guide me through the process, along with a very loving husband and daughter, it’s certainly not an easy part of a daughter’s life.

But one thing I discovered during this five year process, is that I love to write! (I also discovered in the process that my mother had actually written a children’s book that she never had published, so of course that’s another project to work on!) I’ve always enjoyed reading, and occasionally I tried my hand at writing essays and a few short stories, but until I started this project, I never knew how very, very much I really liked writing. And how much I had to say! Please read some (or all) of the stories in my Blog, or on The Feisty Flamingo, and you’ll see what I mean.

“Memories in a Daughter’s Heart” is my mother’s story, and my first book, and is now available through my publisher, Easter Press, and on Amazon in both paperback and ebook formats. More details can be found here.

Or if you prefer, you may order an autographed copy directly from this website. Price includes $14.95 per book, 6% sales tax, and $2.00 shipping and handling. If you would like a special personalization please email me through my contact page.
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