Do You Have the Courage?

The courage to do what needs to be done? The courage to make a change in your life?

Sometimes courage means holding on.

Sometimes courage means letting go.

Courage comes in other forms. The courage to try something you’ve always wanted to do. Or the courage to stop doing something you know isn’t right for you.

To have courage you must step out of your comfort zone, which is a courageous act in itself.

So do you have the courage?

Words Can Destroy

They can be spoken, or written, but once said, they cannot be unspoken or erased. Except if the written words weren’t delivered. And in most cases written words are sent in anger without a cooling down period. These written words are around as a lifetime reminder to be re-read many times over.

Spoken words said in anger hurt just as much. Once these words are said they can break a person and erase a relationship quicker than any illness.

They can be forgiven, but never forgotten. You can spend a lifetime saying you didn’t mean it the way it sounded, but the recipient always remembers those words exactly for what they were. 

When a Person Shows You Their True Colors

…don’t try to repaint them.

Because actions speak louder than words. They may try to convince you that they care, but do their actions show they do? They say how much they care about you, but never reach out.

Instead of making excuses for their behavior try to understand who they really are. And why. Self-centered? Thinking they’re better than others because their views are the only ones that matter, and they don’t want to hear yours.

Don’t try to repaint them, because the paint won’t stick.

Leaving Behind

As 2021 is still not a distant enough memory, I’m thinking about those from 2021 who will no longer be in our lives for 2022.

The ones who don’t agree with us, who don’t like our political views, and disagree on other matters we won’t even address. Who cannot handle it when we speak our feelings.

We will miss you, but we will not compromise on our principles and beliefs any more than you will. And our viewpoint is just as important to us as yours is to you. If years of friendship cannot withstand opposing views, and we cannot agree to peacefully disagree, then we didn’t have a true friendship in the first place.

It hurts, but we’ll get through it.

Happy New Year!

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I have read there is an old Irish custom of opening the back door of your house just before midnight to let the old year out, and opening the front door to let the new year in.

I like that idea. In fact, I’m really tempted to open the windows as well, just to be sure 2021 is totally gone! And maybe even get the broom out as well and chase 2021 out just in case!

And then we should welcome 2022 with confetti and a champagne toast!

Who agrees with me? Let’s all do it together!