I’m Here! What Do You Think of Me?

Today I was finally born. I’m sorry you went through so much pain, but I’m here now, and all that’s over. Now we both need to rest. Because there’s an exciting world out there for me to explore with you and Daddy!

I’m so glad to finally be out, because there just wasn’t any more room for me. But those first few minutes outside were a bit scary. It was cold, and the lights were so bright! There were people everywhere, and I didn’t know who they were. And I needed to be wrapped up really well. Those warm blankets felt so good, and my little hat with that bow on it made my head feel so warm (even though it messed up my hair)! I love bows, by the way, Mommy. I was exhausted from all of the stress of being born, and I couldn’t keep my eyes open.

But when the doctor put me in your arms, I immediately knew who you were. You see, I heard your heartbeat, and the rhythm of your breathing; I smelled your scent, and heard your voice. I managed to open my little eyes for a few seconds, and as soon as I saw you, I fell even more in love with you! And Daddy, too! I’m the luckiest baby in the world to have you two as my parents! I know you two will love me and care for me and keep me safe.

And my grandparents…I got to see them in the hallway on the way to the nursery, you know. I opened my eyes, and there was my grandmother. She’s beautiful. Just like you. And she reminded me so much of your own grandmother. I tried to smile at her, and I think maybe I did, but I was so tired. My grandfather was there, too. He looked like he was getting ready to cry. That was so cute.

Daddy never left my side while they were taking me to the nursery in that little crib, and he stayed right there until I got settled. He was making sure I was comfortable and warm, and he just couldn’t stop looking at me, and telling me how much he loved me.

After he left, the doctors kept examining me and not letting me sleep; that did get a little old after a while. But I guess it was for my own good. After giving me a quick warm sponge bath, which tickled, by the way, my nurse put a little shirt on over my head to help keep me warm before she wrapped me in the blanket. I think it’s going to take a little while for me to get used to wearing clothes, because they feel a little strange on my skin. But I know I’ll get used to them, and I know you have lots of pretty ones waiting for me at home. There was just so much going on all the time, no wonder I kept sleeping! It was exhausting!

Finally they brought me in your room. I just wanted to be with you! I love how we have those matching bracelets…you and me and Daddy! Not that you’d ever not know it was me, but it made me feel good to know they were being so careful. But that sensor tag on my ankle was a bit much, wasn’t it!? I’m sure we’ll laugh about that later.

It wasn’t easy getting the hang of that bottle either; those first few times with it I wasn’t real sure what to do. But my little tummy was rumbling so I knew I had to learn! After a few tries I caught on, and that formula tasted pretty good! You and Daddy are really good at feeding me, too. It’s such a special time together, isn’t it??

My grandmother and grandfather enjoyed feeding me, too. Grandmom holds me and talks to me, and sometimes she just looks at me and smiles and smiles! I bet she did that when you were first born, too. I can’t tell you what she was talking to me about, but I’m sure she’ll tell you one day.

Now in case you’re wondering how I’m still writing to you even though I’m finally born, and no longer inside of you, it’s really very simple. God wanted to surprise you, so He’s letting me do this for a few more days. I don’t know exactly for how long yet, so we’re just going to enjoy it while we can. I don’t think you mind, do you Mommy?

And I’m really more tired now than I was before I was born. You notice I’m sleeping most of the time, right? I have to get a lot of rest right now, so I’ll be sleeping a lot for the next few weeks. And when I get more energy we’ll have so much fun together!

What an exciting day it’s been though, right!? I’m so excited to finally be out and meeting you and all of my family! And I’m so looking forward to my new life here!!! I love you!!


It’s Time to be Born!

This is my last night inside you, Mommy. I’m excited about tomorrow. How about you? Tomorrow I finally get to meet you and Daddy! And my grandparents! I’m so excited! I wonder if I’ll be able to sleep?! I may toss and turn all night, and keep you awake, too!

But can I tell you something, Mommy? As excited as I am about tomorrow, I’m a little scared as well. And nervous. I’ve been inside you all this time, where it’s warm and safe. I haven’t had to do anything except grow until I’m big enough to come out and live in my new room in my new house. With my wonderful parents!

I’ve heard you and Daddy talking about how excited you are, and how ready you are for me to make my appearance. I’ve heard you and Daddy talking about all the things you’ve done to my room, and I’ve heard my grandparents telling you how pretty it looks! I’m sure it does, and I’m sure I’ll love it.

But it’s going to be so different when I’m living in my room, and sleeping in a bed, rather than here inside of you, Mommy. I’m just nervous. You know it’s always a bit scary doing something this important for the very first…and only…time. I’m glad you’re going to be there with me, because I know you’ll make sure I’m okay.

But I bet you’re nervous, too. You’ve never had a baby before. So we’re both in the same situation. Excited. Nervous. And a bit scared.

I’ve been wondering how I’ll feel when I take my first breath outside of you. I wonder what air tastes like. And smells like. I wonder what it’s going to feel like to breathe that air into my little lungs for the very first time!

And I wonder how you’ll smell. My angel told me that newborn babies, which will be me, can tell their mommy by the scent of their skin. That’s going to be another new experience, too, because my little nose hasn’t had the chance to smell anything yet. But she said since I’ve been inside you all this time my nose will immediately know who you are!

I wonder what your voice will sound like. Yes, I’ve been hearing talk, but your voices are muffled because I’m inside of you. Tomorrow I’ll hear you as you really sound…with nothing to block the sound of your voice. I can’t wait! Will you sing me a lullaby? Your grandmother did that for my grandmother as well as for you. I know your singing will be beautiful. At least I’ll think so!

I’m really wondering how I’ll feel when I look at you and Daddy for the first time. I’ve heard your voices a lot, but I’ve never seen your faces. You’ve not seen mine, either. I’m sure the ultrasounds are wonderful, but they really can’t show what I truly look like.

It’s going to be such a wonderful moment when we look into each others’ faces for the first time. I won’t remember it, unfortunately, but you will. I won’t get to know that feeling until I have my own baby a long time from now. I know we’ll love each other immediately. Because I already love you!

And I wonder how I’ll feel when I’m in your arms for the very first time…feel your hands on my skin, your fingers wrapping around my tiny arms, holding me close, never wanting to lose the magic of that special moment. I’ll wrap my tiny hand around your finger, and we’ll be inseparable….Mommy and baby. You and me.

Yes, tomorrow is going to be an exciting day! For me, and you, and Daddy. There’ll never be another like it. Your very first baby is entering the world.

And nothing will ever be the same again.

Good night, Mommy. I love you, and I’ll be in your arms tomorrow!!


Have You Packed Your Suitcase, Mommy?

You do know the time is getting close don’t you, mommy? It’s going to be time for me to be born really soon. And when that time comes you may not have enough time to get everything together. So you’d better start doing it now. You don’t want to forget anything.

I’ve heard you talking about it with my grandmother, but I don’t know if you’ve started packing yet. What are you waiting for? I’m not real sure what my birth day will be yet, because that’s going to be a surprise for me, too. Well, I will know the night before, but I’m not supposed to tell you how. And I won’t be able to tell you, either!

Anyway, please be sure you have everything ready! For you as well as Daddy, since I’m sure he’ll be staying there with you…and me!


Because I’m going to be coming home with you, remember, and I have to be well-dressed for my coming home party!!! Just like your grandmother said you were! She told me all about your pretty pink dress, and the little bow my grandmother put in your hair, which of course didn’t stay on for long. She said there’s a picture somewhere, and I’ll see it when I’m older.

Home from the Hospital

Of course you’re going to need all the important things, like your toothbrush and toothpaste and makeup and hair ties and stuff; that pretty robe my grandmother bought you so you’ll look even more beautiful in the pictures of us together; your phone charger so you can tell everyone I’m here and send everybody pictures; a book to read when I’m sleeping; and some of those gummy worms you like so much for snacks, because I’m sure the hospital won’t have them! And don’t forget something for you to wear home from there. You don’t want to wear the same clothes home that you wore when you got to the hospital! Changing outfits is important; at least that’s what your grandmother told me!

And please don’t forget my clothes! After all I’m the reason you’re going to be there! I need that pretty new outfit my grandmother bought for me, and a pretty headband to wear with it. And pink socks so my little toes won’t be cold! I’ll need a blanket to be wrapped up in. You may not be cold when you go outside, but I’ll have never been outside before; I’ll just be getting used to being outside your body, and my little body won’t be ready for the outside temperatures yet. You’ll have to give me some time to adjust! So you’ll need to keep me warm and snuggly.

And please don’t forget to bring some extra diapers in my new diaper bag. I hope that’s pink, too!

Aren’t you excited, Mommy?? I know I sure am! I can’t wait to meet you and Daddy in person! And my grandparents! What an exciting day that’s going to be! And it’s going to be really soon!

I think it’s nap time now, Mommy! Are you going to take one, too? I wonder, will you let me sleep in your bed with you and Daddy sometime so I can cuddle with you both? I think that would be fun!

I love you, Mommy! I’ll see you soon! I can’t wait!


Is My Room Ready?

I’ve been hearing you and Daddy talking about my bedroom. It’s time to get everything ready, you know! I’m sure it’s going to be extra special. Just please make sure I have a really soft bed, because it’s been really comfy inside of you for all this time, and it’s going to take a while to get used to being out in the world.

Did you know before God placed me inside of you, He’d given me a really nice bed to sleep in made of soft, puffy white clouds. It was amazing! I got to float in the sky with the other unborn babies in a big heavenly nursery and be taken care of by a lot of special angels. They sang to us, and loved us, and a little while before it was time for us to go live inside our mommies, they took each of us to live for just a little while with one of our special family members who was already in heaven. That family member was entrusted to prepare us for our exciting new life with our new parents, and tell us stories about our family God had selected for us.

I had the absolute very best family member to go to…your grandmother! She was so happy and excited when my angel brought me to her! She knew exactly who I was!!! She even knew my name! My angel placed me in her arms and flew away, promising to come back for me soon. Your grandmother had a lot to tell me, and I think I remember it all, but right now, let’s talk about my bedroom, because I’m going to be spending a lot of time in there the first few months after I’m born!

2016-04-18 05.52.06I know you’ve been working on it. I’ve heard you talking about my crib, and blankets and sheets and stuffed animals, and the colors…you picked out teal blue and purple and white. Where’s the pink? Oh I’m sure it’ll be pretty, but please don’t forget I have to have some pink in there! I know you had a friend do some special painting in there, and I can’t wait to see it!

I heard you talking to Daddy while he was putting my crib together, and when he was painting my room. I know he’s excited, too. I can hear it in his voice when he talks about me. I want to meet you both as much as you want to meet me!

I also heard you talking about curtains with sparkly rhinestones in them! Fit for a princess, I think you said. I’m going to be your little princess! That sounds so wonderful!!! I can’t wait to see my room! I hope you have a comfy rocking chair in there to cuddle in at night while you feed me. You know I’m going to be up and down a lot when I first come home, so we’ll have a lot of special time together, Mommy, you and me, and Daddy and me, too. I’m sorry I’ll be waking you up a lot, but I’m just going to want to be with you as much as I can.

I need a night light, too. I know it’s dark here inside you right now, but I hear your heartbeat all the time, and it keeps me from being scared of the dark. When I’m born I won’t have that. I heard you and Daddy talking about an elephant that lights up, and that sounds cute! I can’t wait to see it!

2016-04-17 15.11.41I’ll need some stuffed toys, too…plush teddy bears and doggies and little lambs, and a few of those koala bears my grandmother used to collect. I’m sure she’ll be happy to give them to me!

Then as I get older I’ll be playing in my room a lot, so I hope you’ve put something in there for my toys. I know I don’t have many yet, but I’m sure you and my grandparents will make sure I have lots of them!

And I heard you and Daddy talking about putting my name on my wall, too. How fun!!! Your grandmother would love that! I can’t wait to see it!

All this thinking about my new bed in my new room has made me really sleepy. I can’t wait to sleep in my new bed, but for now I’m just cuddling up inside of you. That’s comfy, too.

Good night, Mommy. I love you! And I’ll see you soon!!


Smile for the Camera!

Yes, I sure did smile for the camera today! A lot! I wish you could’ve seen me! And I wish your photographer could’ve somehow taken a real picture of me as well! But she will be able to soon, Mommy!

You and Daddy had your pictures taken today, just the two of you, with little me right there inside you. I was sticking out in your tummy a lot, because I’m running out of room in there, and I was waving to the lady with the camera. Did it tickle you when I did that?

2016-04-25 06.49.43And of course you picked your favorite spot for your pictures…the beach. I’m sure I’m going to love the beach as much as you do, as much as I’ve heard you talk about it. It sounds like a fun place! I heard the waves and the sea gulls squawking while we were there today. Did you feed the sea gulls?

The sound of those waves was so wonderful, I couldn’t help jumping up and down with excitement! Did you feel me jumping and kicking?? I can’t wait to go to the beach with you! I heard you talking about getting me a bathing suit, so I guess you and Daddy will be taking me there to have fun!

2016-04-25 07.15.18I heard you and Daddy talking while she was taking our pictures. You were laughing and having a great time, and talking about me a lot! You know I can hear you, right? And I really liked it when Daddy was rubbing your tummy and talking to me, and telling me he loves me! I love him, too, Mommy! I’m so glad you picked him to marry and be my daddy.

And when he kissed your tummy, he actually kissed my little cheek. That was so special to me. I can’t wait to feel both of you kissing me and hugging me. And I’ll learn to kiss you back as soon as I can! I promise!

2016-04-25 06.55.53Now I heard you talking about a pair of shoes you got for me, and they must be cute, because the lady was taking pictures of you two holding them. But shoes? Mommy, you like flip flops don’t you, instead of shoes? Don’t you wear them to the beach? So I’ll definitely need some. But I guess the shoes will be good for me when I’m learning to walk.

You also had some kind of stuffed animal with you, too, but I couldn’t tell what kind it was. But whatever it was, it tickled me a couple of times right through your tummy, and it made me giggle! I can’t wait to play with that one. I hope it’s waiting for me in my crib!

I can’t wait to see the pictures. I can’t wait to see what you looked like with me inside you. I’m sure you were smiling a lot because you’re so happy. I’m happy, too, because I’m going to be meeting the best parents in the entire world in a few weeks…you and Daddy! And one day I’ll be able to show those pictures around and tell everyone, “that’s me, right there!”

It’s been another exciting day, hasn’t it Mommy? I hope you had as much fun as I did! And by the way, that pizza you had for dinner after taking our pictures, well, that was really good!!! I’m going to like pizza, too.

I’m really tired now, so I’ll say good night. I’m sure you’re tired, too. And Daddy! It was a fun day!

I love you, Mommy!!! I’m going to be in your arms soon!


A Party Just for Us!

Wasn’t today just the most fun day??? My grandmother and your friends really gave us a wonderful baby shower. Yes, us! You wouldn’t have had the party if it weren’t for me. I’m not bragging or anything, but it was my first real party, and it was great! At least it sure sounded like it! I can’t wait to see the pictures!

The food was sure good, and I’m so glad you were able to eat today. I’m sorry I’m still making you sick all the time, but I can’t help it, so please don’t be upset with me. But we did get to enjoy some of the yummy stuff. The shrimp was delicious, even though I only got a little taste. I know I’m going to enjoy that when I’m older. The sandwiches were good, and the chips, and of course you loved the gummy worms, although I’m not that crazy about them.

2016-04-02 11.56.41Now the cupcakes….oh my, they were delicious!!! I needed more of those! I heard my grandmother giving you some to take home, and I know I’ll get more!! I think I’m going to like dessert as much as you do!!

I heard all the excitement when you started playing games. Everybody was talking at once, but I heard a lot of what was going on. Your friend was asking you questions about what my daddy had said about me, and you got almost all of them right! You and Daddy know each other really well, don’t you?! I know he’s got to be special, because he’s my very own Daddy, and you love each other so much, God is blessing you with me! He chose me just for you two, you know!

2016-04-02 14.45.59There was another game I remember when everyone was trying to guess how big your tummy is…..with me in here! I’m the size of a coconut right now, so I’m getting bigger, and so are you. When your friend was measuring you I wasn’t sure whether to see how little I could make myself, or stretch out to make your tummy HUGE!! Your friend tickled me when she was touching your tummy, and I couldn’t stay still! That was fun!

I heard you talking about how many presents there were piled up for you to open! You were so surprised about how many there were. Your friends must really love us to give you so many great gifts! I heard you talking about the clothes, and sheets, and blankets, and toys….and hair bows…there was so much you couldn’t get it all home in one trip!!!

I liked the poem your friend read to you when you opened her gifts. And so did her baby that’s inside of her tummy. He and I will be really good friends, you know.

There was also a special gift for you, and a very special card. Your grandmother had your mother give me the silver comb and brush set that she’d given you when you were born, a baby blanket she’d made for you, as well as a couple of books she’d given you. And she had your mother write this card from her:

“My precious granddaughter, I may not be here today with you physically, but I am always with you in spirit. I have been watching over you, and also watching over your precious daughter Rachel. She’s beautiful, and I cannot wait for you to meet her. I know you will be a wonderful mom, and Chris will be a great dad. The gifts in this bag I gave to you when you were born, and now I’m passing them on to my great granddaughter. Be sure to tell her about me. I love you so much, and I am so proud of you. You have exciting days ahead of you! Love, Grandmom”

I know you were about to cry when you started reading it, Mommy, but it’s ok. Your grandmother will always love you, and she’s so excited for us!

2016-04-02 16.14.35

I wish I could’ve watched Daddy when my grandmother’s friend was giving him all that funny stuff in that tool box to use when he was changing my diapers. I really need to see those pictures! I’m sure he’ll do a good job, though. He’s going to be a good Daddy…the best!I’m falling asleep now. It’s been so much fun today! Not much longer, Mommy, before we see each other’s faces. That will be the best moment ever!!

I love you!


Let’s Do That Again, Mommy!

Mommy, you sure know how to do a lot of fun things! At least from my point of view they’re fun! And you must like them, too, or else you wouldn’t do them!

Snow 4 wheelerBack in the winter when it snowed you decided to go out with Daddy on our 4-wheeler and drive around in the snow! It was noisy and bumpy, but you were laughing and yelling for Daddy to drive faster! I guess I can say that was my first time on one of those, because you had no choice but to take me, since I was inside of you! I was only the size of an artichoke, but I enjoyed it! I also heard my grandmother telling you how you shouldn’t have done that, but….

Mommy, I had fun. I mean, I couldn’t see what we were doing but I felt us going around in circles and over some little hills, and it felt like fun! Can we do it again after I’m born? Well, I guess it’ll have to be a few years after I’m born, but I really want to go again. Maybe you and Daddy will even buy me one of my own when I’m big enough? But it’ll have to be pink, of course.

And then today you took me around on the riding lawn mower! Now that was noisy, too, and you were going in circles a lot more! And talk about bouncing around…you had me jumping up and down, and not just a few times! I’m the size of a big cantaloupe right now so I bet you felt me a lot! I hope I didn’t kick you too much!

Do you think Daddy will let me cut the grass when I’m older? Of course he’ll have to wait til I’m a lot bigger, but I bet I could do a good job.

That reminds me of some other fun things I want to try. When I’m old enough, of course. I heard you talking to Daddy one night about roller coasters and how much you love them! And how you can’t wait to go on them again this summer. I know from what you said I won’t be able to go, because they go too high and way too fast! So I guess I’ll have to wait for that. But you can still go…I’ll stay home with Grandmom and Grandpa, at least for the first few years, because I’ll not be big enough to ride those big rides. But one day we’ll be on them together! More things to look forward to!

Your grandmother told me some stories about other things you’ve done like that. She wasn’t around to see you do some of them, but she sure knows about them! She said you went parasailing with my grandfather for your twelfth birthday, and when she called you for your birthday that night, all you could talk about was how much fun it was, and how you couldn’t wait to go again!

She also told me about how you and one of your friends went jumping off a big rock in Hawaii. She said my grandmother was really worried about it, but of course you couldn’t wait! She also knows that when you jumped the first time you landed wrong and hurt yourself, but what did you do? You went back and jumped again to make sure you got it right! I don’t know if she was watching you while you were doing it, but she sure told me all about it!

You sound like you’re going to be a fun mommy! I bet we’re going to do all kinds of interesting things together! I know God picked the right parents for me…my Mommy and Daddy are going to be perfect! I’m sure our new life together will be nothing but fun! I can’t wait!

I love you, Mommy. All this excitement today has made me tired, so I’ll say good night. Oops! Sorry, but I had to stretch. Did I kick you again? It’s getting a little tight in here and I needed some room. Which means I’m going to be born soon! Hooray!

Until then…. (BIG KISS!!!)


Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

It’s your first official Mother’s Day, Mommy! And I wanted to be the first to wish you Happy Mother’s Day! I know I’m still inside of you, but I won’t be for much longer.

You’re already a mommy, you know. You’ve been carrying me around for over eight months now. I’ve been living inside you all that time. My heart has been beating from the moment I was conceived, and God placed me inside of you. I’ve been breathing inside you, taking nourishment from you, and growing bigger and bigger every day. I listen to your heartbeat and the sound of your voice all the time.

The only things you haven’t been able to do yet are hold me in your arms, kiss my cheeks, cuddle me close, and see my face smiling back at you when you smile at me. But that will be soon. I promise.

You know, mothers are very special. Dads are, too. But mothers are totally and completely unique…you’ve already spent over eight months carrying me inside of you, taking me everywhere you go. You never stop thinking about me, and wondering what I’ll look like. What color eyes and hair I’ll have. What my voice will sound like. Will I be happy or temperamental?

You’re also thinking, “Will I know how to take care of a baby? After all, I’ve never really done that before. I’ve babysat, but that’s not taking care of a child full time. Am I up to this? Will I be a good mother?”

If course you will, Mommy. God wouldn’t have given me to you unless He knew you’d be the very best mother for me.

Well, Mommy, I’ve never been a baby before. I’ve never lived outside of your body, except for my time up in heaven. I’ve always been safe and comfortable inside of you, so this is all new to me, too. We’re going to be learning how to do this together.

We’ll have to be patient with each other. I’ll do things you don’t understand, and I probably won’t either. We’ll both figure them out together. There’ll be times when we’re both tired and want to sleep, but we won’t be able to. Sometimes I’ll cry and you won’t know why…and possibly neither will I. That will be challenging…but we’ll get through it.

But there will be other times that will be so happy! We’ll do all kinds of fun things together. You’ll play with me while you’re giving me a bath. You’ll cuddle with me in our favorite chair, and read a book to me, and point out the pretty pictures. You’ll talk to me and share secrets with me that I won’t tell, because I won’t be able to talk yet. We’ll go for walks, with you pushing me in my stroller. You’ll watch me to learn to crawl, and then take my very first steps.

And then you’ll wonder why I’m growing up so quickly.

So Happy Mother’s Day, Mommy. This year your gift is me! And I’m going to be here soon! I promise!

Until then, good night, Mommy. I love you!

XOXOXOXOXO Pink-Roses-For-Mothers-Day

Happy Anniversary, Mommy and Daddy!!

I bet you didn’t think I knew today was your anniversary, did you?? Well, I did…your grandmother actually sent me a dream last night and reminded me! Don’t you remember I told you we babies dream when we’re inside our mommies? Oh I’ve had some wonderful dreams I haven’t even told you about! Maybe one day I’ll be able to tell you.

I also heard you and Daddy talking about your anniversary last night. I heard how excited you were, and heard you talking about how you can’t believe you’ve been married for a year already! AND you’re having a baby! Like almost any time now!

Image2But do you know what the best part of your anniversary is today? You’re going to get to see ME again. Because you’re going to have another ultrasound, and Daddy gets to be there, too! I’m really excited about this one, because it’s hopefully the last one before I’m born! Isn’t this going to be a wonderful way to celebrate your anniversary? We’re actually going to be celebrating it together… All three of us! I wish I had a gift to give you, but that’ll have to wait.

Image1When I was still in heaven, your grandmother told me all about your wedding. She said it was beautiful. That you and daddy looked so perfect together, and she could tell how much you loved each other. And of course you still do! She said my grandmother was so proud of you both, and that my grandfather was starting to cry when he walked you down the aisle to give you away to Daddy. And you do know that one day, my Daddy will be doing that for me. And I bet he’ll cry, too.

Image3She told me all about your dress, and your flowers, and all your friends there with you, and how you had a charm on your bouquet with a picture of you and her together. I can’t wait til we take our first picture together! And I want to see the picture she was telling me about. She actually said she liked that one of her, and you know she didn’t like to have her picture taken!

And now you’re getting ready to have me! What a great anniversary present! Except I don’t come gift wrapped! So I guess I really AM giving you a present, aren’t I? (Giggle!!!)

I’d really like to be born today, so I could be your anniversary present, but I think it would be better for me to have my own birthday. You can celebrate your anniversary on your own special day, and then I can have my own special day, too.

Image4So after you see me on that ultrasound (and be sure to watch me waving at you – I’m so excited!) You and Daddy can go celebrate your anniversary. Please have some yummy food, and be sure to have cake! Celebrations always call for cake, and your grandmother told me you’re supposed to eat the top layer from your wedding cake on your first anniversary. I hope it tastes good, and I hope it has a lot of icing! I love icing!

Happy first anniversary, Mommy and Daddy! I love you both! And I’ll see you real soon!


I’ll Be the Best Dressed Baby

Wow, Mommy, ever since you found out I’m a girl, you’ve really been having fun shopping! It seems like almost every day we’ve been somewhere looking at baby clothes! I hear you talking to your friends about what you’re finding, or calling my grandmother and telling her.

I wish I could see all the things you’re buying, but I can only hear you, so I just have to imagine what everything looks like. Your grandmother told me about colors while I was waiting to be placed inside of you, and I’ve already picked out my favorites, and I did hear you talking about some things you bought for me!

I really like pink; pink is probably my very favorite color. Of course I’m a girl, so you know I’m going to like pink! I know it’s not your favorite, but I AM going to be the one wearing them! I like that pretty teal blue, too, and yellow. Yellow reminds me of summer, which I’ve been told is the best season ever! I can’t wait to see the rainbow of all the colors in my closet! I bet it’s already getting full!

I heard you showing my grandmother some of the things you got the other night. She sounded excited, too! You were talking about little dresses, and cute play outfits, and even bathing suits! And flamingos. Your grandmother told me how much my grandparents like those pretty pink birds, and how you had to get some flamingo outfits for me to wear to some kind of flamingo party. It sounds like fun! I can’t wait!! And it sounds like I have the clothes for it already.

I also heard you and my grandmother talking one day about buying me some pretty little socks. Grandmom said they had bows and rhinestones on them. I’m sure I’ll love those! Your grandmother also told me you never liked to keep socks or shoes on your feet when you were a baby. She said you always found a way to kick them off, no matter what, and your mother had threatened to glue them to your feet! I don’t know how socks and shoes feel when you’re wearing
them, but I love wiggling my little toes around, so I hope they don’t squash my feet too much! Or I’ll probably do the same thing.

Of course I won’t need a lot of shoes until I learn to walk, so you don’t have to worry about that yet. Just socks. Pretty ones.

Your grandmother also told me how she used to make a lot of your own mother’s clothes when she was little. She said she had so much fun doing it. She told me she kept a lot of them because they were so pretty she just couldn’t get rid of them. Your mother still has some of them, because she couldn’t get rid of them either.

She also told me about the fun she used to have with your mother going shopping for clothes for you. You’d all three spend all day shopping and looking around to find just the right outfits for you to wear. She told me she’d love to be able to go shopping for me just one time, but she’ll just have to be happy knowing we’re having fun.

But she also told me about a very special dress that both your mother and you wore when you were christened. Your grandmother’s sister-in-law made it all by hand especially for your mother for her christening day, and you wore it as well. It’s been saved for me to wear, too, when I’m dedicated. Isn’t that exciting? And so very special. I’m part of such a wonderful loving family, aren’t I??!!!

And please, I’m a girl, so I’m really going to need a few headbands and bows. Please? They don’t need to be big….just cute!!! And they need to match my outfits!

Thank you, Mommy! I love you! I’m going to sleep now and dream about wearing my flamingo pajamas I heard you talking about! I bet they’re adorable!


Did You See How Big I Am?

How’d you like my pictures today?? You could really see what I look like now, can’t you!? I’m so excited, because it’s getting closer to the big day! Well, I know it’s four more months, but still…

I’m the size of a mango now. You probably don’t like mangos, but they sound really good. And my legs and feet and toes are all formed, and so are my arms and hands and fingers! I know you saw me waving at you, didn’t you! The ultrasound tech took a lot of good pictures, and I was smiling at you as hard as I could. And that wand tickled me again, and I started giggling!

I hope my hair looked ok…I have some now, and I hope it’s curling like yours! I can’t really tell. Your grandmother said she tried to get your hair to curl, but it wouldn’t until you were older. So she put bows and headbands on you whenever she could. I know you don’t like them, because I’ve heard you telling your friends, but my grandmother thinks they’re cute! And I want some! Please?

Ultrasound And you’ve finally started to feel me moving around. I know you didn’t know what it was at first, but that was me! I sometimes have trouble getting comfortable as I’m growing, so I have to move around a lot. I’m sorry if it hurts, but I can’t help it right now.

What did Daddy say when he felt me kicking you? I could hear the amazement in his voice when he felt me the first time, but I’m not sure what he said. My doggie brothers were making too much noise.

I hope you save all the pictures of me that you have so far. I want to see them, too. Your grandmother said I’m just as beautiful as you and your mother are. Of course I think she’s supposed to say that…

Are you getting more excited now, Mommy? I sure am! I want to come out and meet you and snuggle with you and Daddy, but I know it’s not time yet. Waiting is so hard, isn’t it???

What do you think you’ll say when you see me the first time? What will Daddy do? I wonder how I’ll feel? I’ll probably be a little scared, because after all, I’ll have been inside you for nine months, where it’s all warm and soft, except when I’m laying on your backbone, and that’s not very comfortable. I’ll be counting on you and Daddy to protect me, and love me, and I know you will. I know you’ll teach me all I need to know about the world, and so will my grandparents.

I get so excited thinking about it, I just want to jump up and down again….

Sorry, I know it’s late and you’re trying to sleep, but I just couldn’t help myself! Maybe I’ll go to sleep now, too, because it’s been another exciting day in the womb, and posing for all those pictures was hard work!

Good night, Mommy. I love you!


I Can’t Wait Til Next Year!

Before God placed me inside of you, He had your grandmother tell me all kinds of wonderful things I had to look forward to when I was born.

Of course she told me all about you, and about my grandmother and grandfather, but since she never got to meet Daddy, she could only tell me what she saw on the day you two were married. God let her and your grandfather watch. Did you know that? And from what she said, it was a beautiful day for two special people who are now going to be my parents!

One of the stories she told me was all about Christmas, and how beautiful everything is with all the lights and the bright sparkly ornaments on the trees. And about all the presents, wrapped in pretty paper and bright red and green bows. She told me how Christmas is one of your favorite times of year, and I’m sure it’ll be mine, too!

She told me about the true meaning of Christmas, about how Jesus was born on Christmas Eve, just like I’m going to be born in the spring. By the way, she knows exactly what day I’m coming, but she said I can’t tell you! You’ll have to be surprised! She also told me how Santa Claus always comes on Christmas Eve and brings toys and other gifts for us kids, as long as we behave and listen to our parents. And I will, too. That’s going to be so much fun next year to see what he brought for me!

This year you and Daddy had a great Christmas, getting gifts for ME already!!! You also got some ornaments for your tree reminding you of me, and I can’t wait to see them! I also heard you talking about your stockings that Santa had filled. I wonder what he’ll put in mine next year!!! I hope mine has my name on it, and I hope it’s really big!!


I’ll be crawling by next Christmas, and I’m going to really enjoy crawling around all the presents that your grandmother told me will be there for me. I hope you’ll let me open them. You’ll have to help me, of course, but we are going to have such fun!! Maybe my doggie brothers will even help.

And I loved all those cookies you and my grandmother made! Especially the white meringue ones with the chocolate chips inside. And the buttery ones with the sugar sprinkles. I didn’t quite get enough of them, and I hope when I’m old enough you’ll let me help make them. That’ll be fun, won’t it, Mommy?!

And speaking of eating, at least I did get to have a taste of my grandmother’s Christmas dinner before you started feeling bad. I’m sorry I’m making you feel so sick, but I don’t have any control over that. I guess it’s just part of having me. But I promise you I’m going to be worth it. I really am! And I sure hope you feel better soon.

I guess I should say Merry Christmas to you and Daddy now. It’s really been fun, but all the excitement has made me really tired. I know we all had fun, and I can’t wait til next year, ‘cause it’s going to be even better!!!

Good night! I love you!