Wine Bottle Pendants

Ever taken a bottle of wine to a party or as a gift and just wanted something unique to dress it up? Or how about when you’re serving a special wine to guests and you’d like to really dress up your table setting?

That’s one of the fun and unique items you can find at The Beaded Cork. After all, why have a naked wine bottle when you can dress it up with a special wine cork pendant, which can even be personalized for your event!?

Our wine bottle pendants are made with natural recycled wine corks (or synthetic corks if there’s a special wine cork to use!), embellished with colorful beads and findings, and draped around the neck of the bottle with an attractive lightweight chain.

Since these pendants are re-usable, they’re sure to be a hit for years to come as they continue to decorate your favorite vintages.

Start shopping for your wine bottle pendant now at The Beaded Cork. Custom orders are always available.

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