Cakes and Cupcakes

While we really love decorating for weddings and watching everything come together, we have to say one of our favorite parts is the wedding cake…a sugary masterpiece designed just for the bride and groom! Their design…their tastes…and their style. Whether they select a traditional (or non-traditional) tiered cake, or go with a cupcake or cake pop display, we’ve always been fascinated by the beauty of these wonderful confections! No wonder it’s called cake art!

However, as we said before, our cake baking and decorating talents leave a lot to be desired. So we elected to use our crafty talents to create our cakes and cupcakes from soft, re-usable towels, adding our own styling of flowers, ribbon, and other embellishments that not only won’t spoil, but are guaranteed to be totally calorie-free!

Cake-A-Bye Baby can create almost any wedding cake or cupcake design out of terry cloth, many times to match or complement the couple’s actual edible wedding cake. And best of all, our cakes can remain intact as long as the recipients desire, and then taken apart and used in their new home.

Wedding towel cakes are made from a complete set of bath towels, and our cupcakes are made from one washcloth. Our smaller “top layer” mini-cakes are also made from washcloths.

Our towel cakes make a wonderful centerpiece for bridal showers. The cupcakes can be displayed similar to real edible cupcakes, or even used as shower favors or attendants’ gifts.

We haven’t tried our special creativity on any cake pops yet, but you never know what we’ll “bake” next!

In the meantime, shop our on-line store for that unique gift for your special bride! Custom orders are welcome, We always look forward to making something new!

Cake-A-Bye Baby and The Beaded Cork are members of Wedding Professionals of Southeastern Virginia. Visit the website for more wedding information!

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