Toilet Paper Dresses!

I remember my first time. It was scary. I had no idea what to do. Or how to even start, for that matter. Should I act like I knew what I was doing and hope everyone else was just a novice like me? But then who’d know how to make the first, well, roll? So I stood there, a soft squishy roll of fresh white toilet paper in hand, and thought, what am I doing here??? I don’t know where I’m supposed to start, and my bride is sort of counting on me to get the party started, so to speak! (Note to self: ALWAYS talk to the hostess if you’re the planner and invited to the bridal shower to be sure you know what she has planned, so you can make suggestions, or in this case, look up the game and see what you’re in for!)

That was several years ago. And now I absolutely know what to do, even though it’s not a game I’m really good at! At least I can sort of fake it until I figure out who in my group is the “expert”, or better yet, I try to volunteer to be the “bride”!beautydart wordpress com

Yes, it’s that fun-filled and creative game of “toilet paper dresses”! One of those really creative and challenging team games at a bridal shower that seems to take forever, but can really bring out the creativity and talent in the guests. Especially if they’ve had a few mimosas before they start!

Traditionally, the game involves teams of 3-4 participants. It’s a team effort, you know. Each team is given 3-4 rolls of fresh white toilet paper, and twenty minutes to create a designer masterpiece. One of the team members “volunteers” to be the model, and the “seamstresses” work together to create their gown, many times complete with veil, and even a toilet paper bouquet! At one of the bridal showers I attended, the flower girl was actually a guest, and she was of course chosen to be the model for her team. She had a blast! We’ve seen some creations that are absolutely amazing! And some that are, well, obviously not made by the most gifted “seamstresses” around!

I won’t tell you which category I fall into, but I will say that I hope whoever does a bridal shower for our daughter DOESN’T include this game!

When the time is up, there is a “fashion show”, of course, with the bride-to-be judging the contestants, and of course, picking the winner! Fortunately, she doesn’t have to wear their designer creation on her wedding day. Or we’d all be in a lot of trouble!via-tumblr

And believe it or not, we’ve even heard about, and seen pictures of, some of the guys getting into the act at co-ed bridal shows and serving as the models for the dresses! I just couldn’t bring myself to post those pictures though; well, maybe just this one (and the poor guy looks a bit embarrassed!)….inspiredbride net

Toilet paper wedding dresses aren’t just for bridal shower games any more though. There is actually a national contest held every year by Cheap Chic Weddings, with the winners receiving a cash prize for the best dresses made from Charmin (and only Charmin!) toilet paper! And we’re amazed at the winners’ creativity and talent! (For more information on the contest, go to cheap-chic-weddings.) We’ve found a lot of fabulous creations that some very talented ladies have put together! I’m just wondering how they managed to make them, model them, and actually send them in for judging without totally destroying them!

Now remember what I said earlier about knowing what to do now during the toilet paper dress game? Well, there are actually a couple choices. Normally I try to be the one to run the game, going from group to group and talking with the “designers” while they’re working, and of course making some of my wonderful constructive comments to encourage the ladies’ design skills. And also reassuring the “model” about how lovely she’s looking in her beautiful creation….

The other choice, if all else fails…I prefer to hide! Or help serve another round of mimosas!mimosas

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