Have You Packed Your Suitcase, Mommy?

You do know the time is getting close don’t you, mommy? It’s going to be time for me to be born really soon. And when that time comes you may not have enough time to get everything together. So you’d better start doing it now. You don’t want to forget anything.

I’ve heard you talking about it with my grandmother, but I don’t know if you’ve started packing yet. What are you waiting for? I’m not real sure what my birth day will be yet, because that’s going to be a surprise for me, too. Well, I will know the night before, but I’m not supposed to tell you how. And I won’t be able to tell you, either!

Anyway, please be sure you have everything ready! For you as well as Daddy, since I’m sure he’ll be staying there with you…and me!


Because I’m going to be coming home with you, remember, and I have to be well-dressed for my coming home party!!! Just like your grandmother said you were! She told me all about your pretty pink dress, and the little bow my grandmother put in your hair, which of course didn’t stay on for long. She said there’s a picture somewhere, and I’ll see it when I’m older.

Home from the Hospital

Of course you’re going to need all the important things, like your toothbrush and toothpaste and makeup and hair ties and stuff; that pretty robe my grandmother bought you so you’ll look even more beautiful in the pictures of us together; your phone charger so you can tell everyone I’m here and send everybody pictures; a book to read when I’m sleeping; and some of those gummy worms you like so much for snacks, because I’m sure the hospital won’t have them! And don’t forget something for you to wear home from there. You don’t want to wear the same clothes home that you wore when you got to the hospital! Changing outfits is important; at least that’s what your grandmother told me!

And please don’t forget my clothes! After all I’m the reason you’re going to be there! I need that pretty new outfit my grandmother bought for me, and a pretty headband to wear with it. And pink socks so my little toes won’t be cold! I’ll need a blanket to be wrapped up in. You may not be cold when you go outside, but I’ll have never been outside before; I’ll just be getting used to being outside your body, and my little body won’t be ready for the outside temperatures yet. You’ll have to give me some time to adjust! So you’ll need to keep me warm and snuggly.

And please don’t forget to bring some extra diapers in my new diaper bag. I hope that’s pink, too!

Aren’t you excited, Mommy?? I know I sure am! I can’t wait to meet you and Daddy in person! And my grandparents! What an exciting day that’s going to be! And it’s going to be really soon!

I think it’s nap time now, Mommy! Are you going to take one, too? I wonder, will you let me sleep in your bed with you and Daddy sometime so I can cuddle with you both? I think that would be fun!

I love you, Mommy! I’ll see you soon! I can’t wait!


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