Your First Father’s Day

An open letter to our son-in-law….

It seems you’ve been waiting for this day for a long time. Even before you and our daughter were married, the two of you were talking about having kids. Even to the point of picking out names.

You couldn’t wait to become her husband. And then you couldn’t wait to become a dad. You were ready. Even last year when we were all celebrating Father’s Day with your father and your father-in-law, you were talking about how you’d celebrate when it was your day.

Well, that day is here. It’s your first Father’s Day.

From the time you found out you were going to be a dad, I could tell you were going to be a great one! Sure, you were shocked when you found out. And a bit surprised, of course. That’s natural. It does take a little getting used to.

It’s no longer going to be just about you and your wife. Now it’s going to be all about your child.

You immediately started talking about all the things you’d be doing with the child when he/she was old enough. Hunting and fishing and four wheeling. Then you found out you were having a girl instead of a boy, and you immediately decided you would have to buy her a pink fishing rod and a pink rifle. Plus a new shotgun for yourself to ward off the boys when she was older!

As the days got closer you enjoyed putting her crib together, and all the other baby necessities. You painted her room, and talked about how you couldn’t wait til she got here.

You touched your wife’s tummy and felt the baby moving, and you had the biggest grin on your face. You talked to her, and told her how excited you were to be having her in your life. You just couldn’t wait!

Those last few weeks all you could talk about was how ready you were for her to be here. Those last few days of your wife being in slow labor, and those trips to the hospital and being sent back home were excruciating for both of you.

And then…finally, it was time. You stood in the delivery room, gowned and gloved, beside your wife, and couldn’t believe the miracle that was taking place before your eyes. Your baby daughter, your own little girl, was lifted out and placed in her mother’s arms, with you beside her. A moment never to be forgotten. You were finally a full-fledged dad. Your world was forever changed.

You walked beside little Rachel as her isolette was wheeled into the nursery, never letting her out of your sight. You made sure she was all right and her bracelets matched yours before you left to check on your wife. Watching you those first few minutes, I saw a new person…a man whose life was totally complete. You were now not only a husband, but a father. Something you’d dreamed about for years.

You’ve taken on the role of daddy in an awesome way. You fed her her first bottle and changed her first diaper. The look on your face every time you looked at her that first day spoke volumes. Proud. Loving. Even amazed. And you still have that same look every time you look at her.

Since she’s been home these first few weeks you’ve been an amazing dad. You’ve held her, fed her, changed her, gotten up with her at night when her mother couldn’t because of recovering from her C-section. You’ve talked to her, cuddled her, and called her your “little peanut.” You’re already the dad you were meant to be, and will only continue to show us this is what you were meant to be.
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So Chris, on this, your first official Father’s Day, let me be the first to tell you “Happy Father’s Day”! Ben and I are so proud of you, and so glad you and Ashley have blessed us with little Rachel. She’s one lucky little girl!

It only gets better!

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