Dear Summer….

Why are you leaving? You just got here, didn’t you? I don’t think you really had time to unpack your bags all the way. Now you’re leaving already?

For goodness sake, we haven’t had nearly enough time together. Sure, we had lots of great days in the pool, floating in the cool water together and basking in the warmth of the sun. Your summer days are so nice and long, and we’ve sure enjoyed them so far.

We’ve walked on the hot sand at the beach and played in the crashing waves together. We’ve picked up shells and enjoyed the sounds a beach can have only in the middle of summer when you’re visiting us.

You brought us beautiful brightly colored flowers that thrived in your summer heat, as long as they had a sip of cool water several times a day. They don’t want you to leave either, and they’re already starting to show their disappointment with wilting blooms and yellowing leaves.

You brought us fresh strawberries, fresh blueberries, and big juicy watermelons! They were delicious, and they’ve gone away as well, until next year. Those crisp apples that Autumn brings are good, but they’re just not the same.

We’ve spent warm and sultry nights outside together on the porch, sipping chilled sangria and talking about how much fun it is when you’re here. We’ve listened to the frogs singing to us at night, and we even introduced you to our bullfrog Jeremiah. Who’s now packing his bags, too, because he’s decided he’s going with you!

We complained when it rained, even though you said you had to take a break and cool things off a bit for us. We just didn’t want to miss out on your wonderful sunshine, or any of the time we could spend outside with you.

Even when you decided that close to 100 degree days with even higher humidity were going to join you for a week or so, we really didn’t complain that much, because we’d rather have you bring us that than leave us altogether.

We even had a big pool party in your honor, and you seemed to have a wonderful time. You kept the rain away, and your temperatures hot even into the night, so we could all stay in the pool til almost midnight.

Wasn’t that alone enough reason for you to decide to stay longer? We can have another party for you if you want!

Are you sure you really want to leave? Are you sure you can’t stay, at least a month or so longer?

But you’re telling us no, today is Labor Day, which lots of people call the end of summer. Which means you’ll be packing your bags, taking your beach towels and flip flops, and going away. Again.

That’s just not fair. We just never seem to get enough time with you. We know, you have other friends who want to spend time with you, too. You’re a vagabond, and can’t stay in one place forever. You like to move around and spread your warmth to all kinds of places. You’ve promised others as well that you’ll be back, and you can’t break your promises.

We know you’ll be back, but next year is so very far away. Can’t you just stay a few more weeks and let us enjoy your company a little longer? We promise to be good, and spend as much time with you as possible. We’ll have more cookouts and picnics for you, and spend more time outside with you.

And, well, we hate to bring this up, but this Labor Day weekend wasn’t really beach or pool weather. At least if you’re determined to leave, please stay for just a little longer, and make up for this weekend??? Your bags can’t be totally packed; there’s got to be a few more days to give us….

Pretty please…?

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