It’s Not Too Late to Follow Your Dream

Every one of us has a dream. I don’t mean the dreams that come to us when we’re sleeping that make no sense. We all have those from time to time and usually forget them as soon as we wake up.

There have been many, many songs written about our dreams, our hopes and ambitions.

One that quickly comes to mind is “The Impossible Dream” from “The Man of La Mancha” written by Mitch Leigh and Joe Darion. We don’t remember the composers’ names, but we sure remember the song. “To dream the impossible dream…to run where the brave dare not go…” That was one of the songs we sang at our high school graduation almost fifty years ago.

We all had our dreams that night. We didn’t ever stop to think then, that any of those dreams were impossible. We had the world at our feet, and we were ready to take it on and conquer it! Some of us achieved those dreams, and some of us didn’t. Some of those dreams changed over time. Those exact plans we all had on graduation day, like I’m sure most of you had as well, certainly didn’t all come to pass.

Sure, some of us absolutely accomplished our dreams, although not necessarily in the same way we’d imagined as we stood on the stage on graduation night. For most of us, our goals and dreams changed as we got older. And for most of us, as long as we had a dream, a goal in mind, we were able to move forward and accomplish at least most of what we set out to do.

Without a dream, without a goal in our life, no matter how young or how old we are, we can easily become like a hamster in its glass cage, running constantly on its spinning wheel, tiring itself out, but going nowhere. Like the hamster, we run and run in that wheel, wearing ourselves out, and staying in the same place. And accomplishing very little.

What happened to your dreams? Did you accomplish then, or did you forget them? Lose them? Change them? Are they still sleeping in the recesses of your mind, waiting to re-awaken? Or did you give them up because you don’t see them ever coming to fruition?

We all still have unrealized dreams, somewhere, no matter what our age, what we’re currently doing, where we’re living, or what we think our abilities are.

The key words here are what we think. Our thoughts can hold us back, or they can propel us forward. We can choose to stay in the place where we are now, whether we’re comfortable or not, because it’s what we’re used to. Or we can decide to take a leap of faith and jump off the cliff we’re standing on, and dive free fall into that dream we’ve had for years.

What if you crash and fall? But what if you fly!!!!!???

Don’t miss tomorrow’s blog, and learn how to jump off that cliff!

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