Healing a Tiny Heart – Part 3

A parent’s worst nightmare is learning something is seriously wrong with their child. It is traumatic at any age in that child’s life, but far worse in the case of an infant.

Being told your 2 month old son has a huge hole in his heart, an enlarged heart from it working overtime to compensate for the hole, as well as having fluid in his lungs which is affecting his heart even further, is devastating.

Ashley B and Coleman are fighting for their son Cash. Their family, extended family, and friends have rallied to their side, and we are all supporting them as much as possible as they begin this long and unbelievably frightening journey.
Even after having his surgery to repair the hole, Cash will still have to remain in the hospital for several weeks while being closely monitored by a group of extremely dedicated and highly professional doctors and nurses at Children’s Hospital of the Kings Daughter’s (CHKD) in Norfolk.

Both Ashley B and Coleman are incredibly, and understandably, worried. But for a mother, who carried that child inside her for nine months, there’s a well of emotion inside of her that cannot be explained with mere words. It can only be truly understood by another mother. It’s an unexplainable bond between a mother and her child.

Ashley B wrote the following the night before Cash was rushed to the PICU (pediatric intensive care unit) at CHKD in Norfolk because of the fluid in his heart. He will be there until the surgery, and for the several weeks afterwards until he is strong enough to return home to finish his recuperation.

“We cannot thank you all enough for the encouragement and outpouring of love. It has truly helped give us some hope and strength in this time of heartache, confusion, and questioning.
We love each and every one of you. We were told today that it is looking like Cash will be placed on the surgeons’ schedule for open heart surgery for the end of this month. His lungs are full of fluid, however, and we need the medicine the doctors gave him to do its job in the meantime, and remove that fluid! However, our precious boy is having a very hard time keeping it down, and we will be calling the doctor again in the morning.

I truly hate all of this, and that I have to give him this medicine, and then watch my poor baby boy get sick from it. It’s truly heartbreaking, and we know this is just the beginning of all of this mess.”

Ashley B
October 5, 2016

Ashley B, you have no idea how many people are praying for you and your family. For healing, and for strength, and for the total peace that passes all understanding as you and your family embark on this journey. Stay strong.

But cry when you need to. It’s ok. No one expects you to be Superwoman. No one expects Coleman to be Superman. We just expect you to be loving and concerned parents who are fighting for your child. And that’s enough for now.

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