A Flamingo Thanksgiving

Believe it or not, flamingos do celebrate Thanksgiving. No, not quite the same way we all do, but they certainly do celebrate.

In fact, I caught them in my kitchen just the other night, working away, starting to prepare their favorite dishes for the big day! Somehow they’d managed to turn my kitchen into a pink wonderland, and had even transformed my cookware into their own display of pink perfection! Hopefully they’ll turn it back when they’re done.

And if you’ve never seen flamingos cooking, it’s truly a sight to see! I never realized how amazing their culinary skills actually were! Wearing their finest flamingo aprons, they were preparing a feast!

So what, might you ask, do flamingos eat for their Thanksgiving meal?

Well, they certainly don’t have turkey! After all they aren’t cannibals, and would never dream of eating another bird! Even though turkeys aren’t anywhere close to flamingos, well, our favorite pink birds protect their friends, you know!

In fact, they do what they can to help their friends out this time of year!

They do, however, enjoy their favorite flamingo wines and mixed drinks before their meal. With some wonderful pink flamingo oyster appetizers (yes there really are such things!) served with drawn butter. Yum!!! And a delicious watermelon flamingo salad.

Followed of course, by the main dish…shrimp! In as many forms as possible! With a few extra exotic seafoods thrown in for good measure. And served, of course, on their very best flamingo tableware, in a dining room softly lit by a special flamingo chandelier.

Dessert? Absolutely! The flamingo pastry chefs outdid themselves with flamingo cakes and cookies, served at the end of the meal with a touch of flamingo dessert wine. What more can you ask for?

And since they went to all this trouble to prepare such a magnificent meal, who were we to deny them the fun of hosting their special Thanksgiving Day celebration?! Even if meant our going somewhere else for our Thanksgiving meal? After all, flamingos and humans don’t always like the same menus….

Their Thanksgiving dinner was a huge success. All of their close friends showed up, and several didn’t want to leave! Either they enjoyed their flamingo wine a bit too much, or they just didn’t want the celebration to end!

And at the end of a long and busy day, we know they’ll be more than ready to drop into bed for a good night’s sleep!

And so will we! Hopefully we won’t have to fight them for one of these beautiful bedrooms! Because we’re claiming the first one!

Happy Thanksgiving from all the flamingos!

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