Flamingos Sure Love Christmas Cookies

lovely-tutorials-comDo you remember when I wrote about finding the flamingos in my kitchen making their Thanksgiving dinner? I’m still trying to figure out how they turned my kitchen pink, but at least when they were finished they turned it back to its original state.

Well, imagine my surprise when I went downstairs the other day, and found the flamingos in there again! This time they were hard at work making, you guessed it, Christmas cookies!domino-com

And of course they were enjoying a bit of some holiday spirit while they were baking, as well! Why not? It’s that time of year!! I make a lot of Christmas cookies; why shouldn’t the flamingos?

But I had no idea how much flamingos really liked Christmas cookies. But then again, we’ve seen so many cute flamingo cookie designs on line, I guess I should’ve known they’d try their hands, or rather their wings, at making a few batches.

The flamingos are actually quite talented bakers, I might add! I doubt I could decorate any of these adorable cookies as well as they did! Especially since they were enjoying their Christmas cheer as they baked! And we all know that too much Christmas cheer doesn’t always lend itself to a culinary masterpiece!

They didn’t limit their culinary art to only making flamingo cookies, either! As you can see from these other pink Christmas delights! Why they even made a gingerbread house, something I’ve never attempted!

Unfortunately they didn’t leave any cookies for me! And here I loaned them my kitchen! Obviously they weren’t as appreciative as I thought.

But maybe, just maybe, they’ll leave me a gift or two under the Christmas tree! And maybe a plate of their homemade cookies! After all, I’m letting them use my kitchen, and my cookie making supplies. Not to mention my Christmas trees, and gift wrapping paper….

After all, I’m sure flamingos love Christmas, too! It’s a time to share, right? Next thing you know, they’ll take over one of my trees and decorate it with, what else, flamingo Christmas ornaments!

Have a Merry and PINK Christmas!

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