Doing the Right Thing

It’s what we’re supposed to do.

But sometimes doing the right thing is not the easiest thing to do.

Sometimes it’s the absolute hardest.

Especially when it involves family members that we’re at odds with from long ago clashes, misconstrued statements, and misunderstandings that we don’t even remember how they were started.

And when you try to make things right, you either don’t know where to begin, or you’re scared of your gesture of reconciliation not being accepted, or even acknowledged.

There are times you know you have to reach out, make that first step, even though you have no idea whether your attempt at reconciliation will be accepted or ignored. If it’s accepted, that’s wonderful and you can all begin that slow process of healing.

And if it’s not, then at least you did the right thing, and tried. And you can’t do any more than what you did. Because you can’t change someone’s heart.

Sometimes that person would rather stay mad than accept a gesture of reconciliation, because in their mind, they’re right; they’ve always been right, and whatever someone else did, or they perceive someone else did, things can never be made right by the other person trying to mend fences. Because if the other person gives in and accepts that reconciliation, they perceive themselves as being weak, when in reality they’re being prideful, rather than showing compassion and love.

But at least you did the right thing.

Doing the right thing can also extend to friendships and workplaces. You may have a friend whose spouse is cheating on him/her and you know it for a fact, because you’ve witnessed it on several occasions. Do you hide it, or let them know? And how do you tell them?

You may have another friend, or even a family member, whose child is involved in something dangerous, perhaps drugs or a gang. Again, you know this for a fact. What do you do? Especially knowing the severity of the problem, and if you don’t say or do something that child’s very life could be in danger. And you know if you don’t tell them, and something happens to that child that you could have prevented, you couldn’t live with yourself.

Or you may know a co-worker is stealing from your company. Not just little things like a few office supplies, but actually embezzling money. What’s the right thing to do, and how do you do it?

No, doing the right thing isn’t easy, is it?

But it’s what we’re supposed to do.

Are you facing a situation in which you know you need to do the right thing?

It’s a new year. What are you going to do about it?

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