Stories Never Told…Lives Never Lived

I’d like to introduce you to three very amazing people. And I can guarantee you’ve not heard about any of them.

First, meet Jackson. His mother wasn’t married when she got pregnant, and was living with her mother and younger brother at the time. Jackson was an adventurous child, always wanting to learn, to find out what made things “tick”. A very intelligent child, he continually made the best grades in school, and always wanted to be a doctor.

His mother didn’t have much money, but Jackson was lucky, and fortunate enough to be awarded a scholarship to a local college. By that time he’d already decided he wanted to concentrate on medical research. Because he’d watched his beloved grandmother die from cancer, he made his life goal to find a cure for that disease. 

And he did. After fifteen years of long, hard research, Jackson made that great discovery, and his research paved the way for not only total cures, but eventually a vaccine against several forms of the dreaded disease. 

Then there’s Christine. Her dream was to become an actress/vocalist. As a child she’d sing along to every song she heard on the radio, until her parents decided they’d better hire a voice coach for her. 

Her singing talent progressed rapidly, and she also insisted on taking drama classes as well, so she could also pursue her acting talents. Christine became the first high school freshman  in her school to win the lead in the annual school play, and went on to do that each of her high school years. When she graduated, Christine received a special award for her musical and acting accomplishments. 

She went on to college and graduated with a degree in drama; she then moved to New York with her parents, where she won a series of supporting roles in several Broadway shows. As her career advanced, she was nominated for, and won several awards, for her musical and acting talent.

Christine, who was born with Down Syndrome, against all odds, more than achieved her greatest dream. 

Finally, there’s Carlos. The oldest son of a single teenaged mother. Carlos had his share of problems growing up, including a few skirmishes with the legal system, although fortunately as a juvenile, which may have influenced him to want to become an attorney. 

Although Carlos struggled with dyslexia, he was determined not to let that get the best of him, and enrolled in a community college after high school. Although it took him four years to graduate with his Associates Degree, he was accepted at a local college where another three years went by before he received his degree in pre-law. 

Carlos knew it was going to be hard, but his dream was not going to be stilled. He was accepted at a small law school a few hours from his hometown, where he went to school while working part time at nights with disadvantaged kids. Kids like he used to be.

Four difficult years later Carlos finally earned his law degree, and established a successful career as a juvenile attorney. Although his reading skills were still poor, he never allowed that to stop him from achieving his life goal, and as a result of his work, hundreds of teens were able to turn their lives around. 

Why have you not heard of any of these amazing people? 

Because they were never born.

They were aborted, just 3 of the 665,000 abortions that took place in the U.S. last year. And that’s just in one year.

Brady and Carlos were aborted because their mothers thought their own lives would be easier if they didn’t have their babies. Christine was aborted because doctors told her parents she’d never have a chance at any kind of normal life; and they believed him.

While I understand a woman’s right to make her choice, I am asking you to choose life, rather than the death of your baby. If you do not want to be a mother right now, please, please consider adoption. There are so many families waiting for a child who are unable to conceive or give birth. They would love your child more than anything in the world, and they would be eternally grateful for your gift to them.

Who knows what your unborn child may be destined to do; what discoveries he/she could find if given the chance? What difference that child could make in other lives as an adult?

Think about it before you make an irreversible choice. What difference can you make in someone else’s life, especially in the life of the child within?

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