Miracles Still Among Us

We tend to think of miracles as no longer happening. After all, so many times we pray for things to happen and they don’t. We figure God doesn’t care. That He doesn’t listen to us.

Simply not true. I’ve seen them, and even been the recipient of a few.

Consider these stories….

The lifesaving organ transplant surgery that came just in time, in fact only one week after being placed on the transplant list, which saved the recipient’s life.

A man who had a devastating stroke five years ago which hospitalized him for five weeks, three of which he still doesn’t remember. A man who had to re-learn now to speak, how to walk, how to feed himself, yet today no one who meets him has any idea of what he experienced and how close he came to dying. His wife calls him “her walking miracle.”

A woman facing a major 9-10 hour operation that had only a 20% chance of surviving the surgery, let alone ever recovering, and yet left the hospital less than a week after the operation,  right before Christmas, and who’s now living an almost perfectly normal life two years later.

A woman who was told she’d never get pregnant giving birth to her third child.

A man who went in the hospital for a biopsy of a lump on his pancreas which the doctors were convinced was pancreatic cancer, one of the most deadly diagnoses. A man whose doctor just couldn’t understand his the lump could have totally disappeared in only three weeks, and after 12 years still has no such sign.

An accident victim not expected to live, or if he did, who’d be totally incapable of doing anything for himself; who’s now competing in marathons and actually coming in the top 10% of the runners.

And let’s not forget the nan who was rushed to the hospital after passing out, who just after being hooked up to every machine possible in the ER, coded in front of his wife and daughter, who watched helplessly as the doctor and nurses fought to bring him back. The man who walked out of the hospital the very next day with a pacemaker and a brand new chance at life. Who’s still going strong four years later.

A head on collision and a totaled minivan, yet all five people, including three children under the age of 6, in which everyone walked away with only minor injuries.

A rear end collision in which air bags deployed, preventing drivers from seeing where the were going, but yet both drivers walking away, again with only minor injuries.

At times like this we all need to stop and thank the Lord for His protection and care.

For His love and mercy. For His angels guarding everyone involved, and making sure everyone realizes that no matter how bad the original circumstance were, it could have ended so much worse.

But He helped each person involved, helped them to realize He wasn’t finished with them yet. They had more to do with their lives. That His plan for each of their lives would be realized. And then, and only then, would He call them home.

We tend to forget that these miracles still happen. Until they happen to us or our loved ones. I know all of these people. I rejoice at these amazing stories, one of which is mine.

Think about it.

What miracle has the Lord shown you recently?


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