Everyday Miracles…Part 1


My last blog talked about miracles. Those big huge happenings that make an enormous impact on our lives. And on the lives of others.

Events that should make us all stop to think, “Yes, the Lord was definitely in on this one!”

But there are also everyday miracles that we don’t even think about. We don’t even notice them. But we should. Because they’re also a whispered, gentle reminder that He’s always watching over us, loving us, and reminding us His hand is everywhere, and in everything. Even when we don’t think about it.

Consider the sunrise. Every morning, in the same location, even though a slightly different time, that big red ball of light knows when to make its spectacular appearance, painting the sky in all manner of pinks, reds, oranges, and purples. It rises slowly, in His perfect timing. It travels from one side of the sky to the other during the day, showering our side of the world with light, and then sets in the distance, once again painting the sky with a magnificent array of majestic colors, colors only available from the Lord’s heavenly palette, colors mixed especially for that day only.

And where does that sun go when it sets? Its work isn’t over, and it doesn’t get to rest after a long day traveling in the sky. As soon as it sets on our side of the world, it rises on the other side of the world, in all its majesty, to give another heavenly display of artwork that’s always just a bit different from the ones we just enjoyed.

The art display repeats itself indefinitely on a daily basis. Each sunrise, each sunset, is always just slightly different; like snowflakes, no two are the same. And every person who views that sunrise or sunset sees it slightly different. Because its exact location in the sky makes it look a bit different to each person. The streaks of purple clouds are displayed in just a different angle. The streaks of orange dipping into the horizon, or the ocean, or the valley, are at a different angle for every eye.

When we think about it, really think about it… how totally amazing is that sunrise…that sunset!

Does it happen by chance on a daily basis? How could it? How does the sun know exactly what time to appear, and what time to leave? Except for its heavenly Director who orchestrates not only the timing of its appearance and disappearance, but designs the colorful costume it wears for each performance, the sun would not appear on a daily basis at the exact time it was expected.

It’s not by chance, you know. It’s all a part of the big plan. The plan we are all a part of. The plan that was designed for our enjoyment by a God who loves us more than we can imagine. Who delights in showing off the works of His hands, just because He wants us to be pleased by what we see.

How can you not see the miracle in the sunrise…in the sunset? We see it every day, but yet we don’t fully comprehend how miraculous it is, because we take it for granted. It’s always been there…and as long as the Lord is in charge of the universe, it always will be.

Without the sunrise, the earth would be totally dark; totally devoid of life. We would not even exist.

Think about it. Think about it tonight when you see the sunset.

Think about it tomorrow morning when you see the sunrise.

Is it by chance, by coincidence, that many say it is? If it is, then how can the sun know exactly what to do on each and every day? How does it know when to appear and exactly how long to hang in the sky as it travels across on its own set route? And how does it know when to leave and return again?

An everyday miracle? Absolutely.

What others can you think of?

Thank you, Lord, for the everyday miracles you give us. And help us to appreciate them the way we should

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