Really, Mother Nature??

The calendar says it’s finally spring. At last! It’s supposed to be warm weather, budding trees, spring flowers. No more heavy coats and sweaters.

No more snow, icy roads, and thawing out the car before we venture out on those treacherous highways.


Well….there’s a problem, then.

Mother Nature is obviously a bit confused this year. Maybe her calendar is messed up, or she forgot to turn it to the next month. Maybe she’s going through “the change” and forgot to refill her medication. Maybe she’s developed allergies, and is putting off having to breathe in all that pollen for as long as possible.

Maybe she and Old Man Winter had an argument, and he’s refusing to leave. Or they had some kind of bet going that she lost, which means he gets to give us yet another snowfall as a goodbye gift. Ugh.

Whatever is going on, please stop it! We’ve had enough! Our heating bills are out of control. Our snow boots are starting to leak and fall apart.

The birds that had flown south for the winter have canceled their return reservations. The brave “first flowers” of spring that had started poking their little heads up thru the cold ground have started pulling themselves back down to hide where they’re warm and sheltered from this unseasonable weather.

Even our plastic backyard flamingos are demanding I share my electric blanket with them! They’re even drinking hot toddies instead of their favorite frozen margaritas. And that, my friends, is serious!

The birds that came back home early from their Florida “winter” vacation are still their building nests, but this season they’re adding gas fireplaces and heated bird baths. And the backyard squirrels that our dog so loves to chase…well, they’re wearing winter coats and scarves, which really makes it tough to run faster than Benji! Even though he has his winter coat on as well!

Now I know the first few days of spring don’t automatically guarantee immediate temperatures in the high 50’s and 60’s, instead of the 30’s! But we shouldn’t have to be concerned about another thin layer of ice forming on top of the pool now…even the ducks that tried to land on its surface today went looking for ice skates!

So please, Mother Nature. Enough is enough! Don’t you miss those soft warm spring nights, the crickets chirping, the smell of fresh flowers swaying in the breeze? The birds singing on a warm spring morning as they bask in the sunlight?

Whatever is going on in your life, I can help you. Please, tell me, so I can give you advice, and we can work it out.

I can even buy you a new spring wardrobe. Big fresh-flowered hats. Bright colored dresses. New sandals to show off a spring pedicure. Whatever you want. I’ll even throw a fancy tea party in your honor.

Please. Just help out your friends.

We’re all tired of this cold, damp, miserable weather! Tell that Old Man Winter he’s outta here! And we can finally all have the fun we’re waiting for!

Thank you!!!

Now what’s the weather for tomorrow? Is it spring yet?

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