One Nation…Divided…with Fairness for My Side Only

We all know the Pledge of Allegiance to our country. Well, most of us do. I hope.

It doesn’t say what I just wrote in the title, does it?

So why does it seem like this is the way things are going?

Republicans condemn Democrats. Democrats condemn Republicans. And before you start condemning me for saying that, may I clearly state, I am NOT a member, or a sympathizer, or have allegiance to, either party. I am an independent conservative. And an American. An American who is really concerned about my country.

Right now we have way too many Republicans and Democrats, and not enough Americans. Everyone seems to care more about what party they belong to, and insulting and degrading the other side, rather trying to figure out what’s best for the American people, and the country, as a whole.

If one side says they’re in favor of something, the other side automatically says they’re against it. Without even stopping to think about the issue itself. Maybe it’s something that’s important to both sides, and just needs a little tweaking here and there, a compromise.

But oh no! If the other side is in favor of it, they certainly can’t be!


Could it be because all we hear in the news are elected officials criticizing the other side. We’re bombarded with it, because each side wants to hear their own point of view expounded upon, so they can claim that they’re right no matter what.

We have a president who delights in lambasting the other side every chance he gets. He continually bashes his opponents, bullying those who speak out against him, usually calling them derogatory names and making fun of them, which he thinks makes him look good. His die-hard supporters love it. I’m disgusted by it. It’s not cute. It’s not funny. It’s insulting, and it’s bullying, and certainly not presidential.

And it continues to divide our country even further. As do the conservative talk show hosts that constantly and pompously espouse “Democrats bad, Republicans good, and this president is the best thing ever! If you don’t believe me you’re not a true American!” I cannot even listen to a promo for those shows without feeling disgusted.

And the Great Divide grows larger.

We continue to hear cries of “fake news” every time a news outlet says anything that makes one side or the other look bad. The last time I checked, our Constitution provided for freedom of the press, which today includes all of the media. So are we saying any news that’s published that makes YOUR side look bad is “fake” and if it makes the other side look bad it has to be true?

And what is happening to our right of free speech? Unless you agree with what is said, it’s wrong! It’s “fake.” Well, if it’s not true, there are laws governing libel and slander. Take advantage of that and do something about it; otherwise stop saying everything you don’t like is “fake news!” Prove it. Put your money where your mouth is!

And the Great Divide keeps getting wider and wider….

And we keep becoming a nation divided.

It’s past time to end this. It’s time to end the divisive rhetoric, the name calling, the insults, and the “them vs. us” mentality. It’s time to stop the “tweetstorms” of grandstanding, name calling, insults, and accusations , and get on with our nation’s business.

It’s time to act like we’re all Americans, rather than one party vs. the other, because that’s not the way to accomplish anything.

It’s time to become one nation…united…again. Or else our nation is in danger of once again becoming two distinct countries.

And I don’t want that any more than I think you do!

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