Who Needs Daylight Savings Time Anyway?

In the spring it’s not too bad. After all, we do lose a hour of sleep, but the good thing is, we gain an hour of daylight. For a while, at least. 

Assuming we remember to change the clocks that don’t automatically change by themselves.

Yes, we’re tired those first few days or so, because our sleep patterns have to get used to the change. And for those with small children or infants, it’s really a problem getting them adjusted. It takes a few weeks. 

And those of us with pets, well our furry kids don’t understand either. They have a set schedule and they don’t like it messed up.

But the longer we have sunlight in the spring and summer, the better I like it!  There’s more time for outdoor activities, especially using the pool later in the summer. We can also do later cookouts, evening bike rides, and just enjoy being outdoors a little longer.

We get used to the time, but just when we’re comfortable with it, it’s time to change again and turn the clocks back an hour! And suddenly our body rhythms are all messed up again!

At least it’s been changed to turning back the clocks after the kids go trick or treating on Halloween. By that time it’s getting dark early enough; we don’t need it to be worse!

But then it messes us up all over again. We go to bed Saturday night at our normal time, hopefully remember to change the clocks, and then our bodies wake us up an hour too early! While we know in our minds we can sleep a bit later, our bodies don’t let us. 

And again, for those with babies and small children, they’re up and ready to go when their bodies wake them up. The dogs and cats? They don’t understand either, and they’re ready to  go out and then be fed at their normal body time.

We just can’t win.

We go through that first day, watch football all afternoon, and by the time it’s 7:30, we’re getting tired and thinking it should be 9:30 or 10:00 and time for bed!

This really is crazy when you think about it. We gain something in the spring, but in the fall it’s taken away. Our sleep patterns are screwed up twice in a year, and for those of us who are in our later years, it’s even harder to adjust because we don’t always sleep well anyway!

It takes us a couple weeks to get situated, and then before we know it, the cycle’s starting all over again.

Here’s a suggestion. How about next spring we set the clocks ahead at the normal time and then leave them alone!? It would sure make all our lives easier.

Who’s with me?

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