Things to Do on a Snow Day

Well they’re calling for it again this weekend. It may not be unusual for where some of you live, but where we are, it really is. Two weekends in a row? Unheard of here in Virginia Beach.

Besides the panic buying at the grocery stores, where shoppers seem to be planning for being snowed in for at least a week, what are your ideas for the perfect snow day(s) activities? And I’m not talking about shoveling it or clearing off the cars. Or trying to figure out how you’re going to get the dog(s) to go outside and do his/her business when there’s no grass to be found. (Hint: Try covering an area with a small tarp, mark where you put it, and then take it up carefully after the snow stops falling. It works for some people.)

If you have kids, fun snow activities are easy. You bundle them up good, complete with gloves, hat, and snow boots, and let them enjoy it! And if they aren’t prepared clothing wise, there’s some more panic buying you’d better do! If your kids are small, you’re certainly going to go out there with them and help make snowmen, snow angels, maybe build a snow fort, and of course referee a snowball fight. Maybe go sledding if you have one; if not you can improvise.  Maybe you can convince them shoveling snow off sidewalks and driveways is a game, but they’ll probably not see it that way any more than you do!

Then when they come inside, it’s time for hot chocolate and getting warm either by a fireplace or wrapped up in an electric blanket. And most likely a nap.

But what about us adults without young kids at home? If you work remotely like I do, and it’s during the week, that’s easy; it’s just another workday with a prettier view from your window. But if it’s a weekend, and you don’t have to go out to work or do snow removal, and the roads aren’t great for venturing out, what do you do?

So here are some suggestions. Some are fun, some, well, they’re probably necessary, but might not be in your top five to do!

Make hot chocolate with a bit of extra “flavoring”. Amaretto, Baileys, salted caramel syrup, peppermint schnapps, etc., are always good. And don’t forget the whipped cream! Maybe shaved chocolate, too!

Scoop up a pot of fresh clean snow and make snow cream.

Curl up with a good book. Or start writing one.

If you have a Kindle, browse around on Amazon or on your actual Kindle device and download sample books that look interesting.  Careful, though, that can become really addictive!! Ask me how I know….

Schedule a few posts to your blog, or start one. Make sure to include Instagram.

Catch up on your personal email.

Start a new craft project, or work on one you’re already doing. I’m going to make some Valentine bracelets.

Sort through and organize the photos in your phone or iPad and delete ones you don’t need. I did this a few months ago and ended up deleting some 3,000 that I’d already saved from my Dropbox to my computer.

Binge watch a tv series you’ve been putting off watching or pick out movies on Netflix you’ve wanted to see. Pop some popcorn and enjoy!

Make a pot of chili or a kettle of homemade soup.

Bake cookies. Or a cake. Or brownies. How about a pie?

If you can’t get out, zoom a few of your good friends and have a zoom party. Beverages optional. But you can’t cheat and not show your face!

Clean out that closet you’ve been planning to do. Or your kitchen cabinets. On second thought, have another hot chocolate instead. That project can wait.

Plan a vacation to someplace warmer. You may even feel warmer looking at all the beach pictures on line. Have another cup of hot chocolate while you’re looking.

Brush your dog(s); with all this snowy weather they probably need it, as well as a bath! Ours certainly do.

These are just a few suggestions that come to mind. But I’m sure you have others you can think of. Why don’t you let us know what yours are?

Happy Snow Day if and when it happens! Use your time in the most fun way possible. 

And if you have a snowball fight, I hope you win! And then enjoy another hot chocolate!

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