Nightwork by Nora Roberts

Before I got my Kindle I forced myself to wait for a book I really REALLY wanted to read to come out in paperback. Because of my voracious reading habit I just couldn’t bring myself to buy hardcovers upon their first release. And in doing so I missed out on so many pleasurable reading experiences.

However, kindle has changed that, thankfully, although I still have a collection of actual books, most paperbacks but some very special volumes in hardcover. I just can’t bring myself to get rid of them.

Add more actual books to my collection when I already have them in my kindle? I hadn’t considered it. Until now. Because this particular novel by one of my favorite authors deserves a place of honor in my library.

When I first saw all the ads on Amazon about it, I knew I’d want to read it, just because it was written by Nora Roberts. So it went on my Wishlist.

But I didn’t read anything about what “Nightwork” was about. I just assumed it would be good. Then I began reading reviews of it, which were mostly good or very good, but a few mixed comments about how they just couldn’t get into it; it was too long; it wasn’t her typical story; or a few didn’t like the plot line.

I’m sure every author gets some mixed reviews on their books, no matter who they are. But these reviews intrigued me and made me decide to read it a lot sooner than I’d planned.

And now…I should’ve started reading it as soon as it came out. Yes, it’s that good. No, it’s not exactly her typical storyline. It’s better. Stronger. And more enticing. Yes, it’s longer than most of her other works, but it wouldn’t be the great story it is if it were shorter. It takes time to tell a great story, and Nora has done a fantastic job of not only character development with her four main characters, but a story with so many twists and turns you can’t see all of them coming.

Her descriptions of the various places the story is set in are so well written you can totally picture them in your mind, at least I sure can! And the food her main character creates…she needs to include recipes! Even for someone like me who really doesn’t enjoy cooking all that much.

All in all, this is a great read, one that you won’t be disappointed with. Yes, there were a couple of slow pages, but that happens in almost every book.

And the ending…back and forth but totally perfect. Could there be a follow-up? I don’t know; that’s entirely up to the characters; and Nora, of course! But it would sure be another fun read!

You notice I didn’t mention the actual story line. That, my friends, you’ll have to discover for yourselves as you begin this incredible journey with these fascinating characters.

Read it. And let me know what you think!

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