Wine and Paint – Flamingo Style

By now I’m sort of used to the flamingos just wandering into the house at any time. It’s what they do. They get an idea in their pink heads, talk and squawk about it among themselves til they get their ideas planned out, and then come and tell us about it, knowing that (usually) we’ll support them in their ideas.

I had no idea what they were planning this time, since they walked in carrying blank paint canvases, an easel or two, and boxes of watercolor and acrylic paints, as well as a selection of colored pencils. With a lot of various shades of pink, I might add.

“So what are you all up to this time?” I asked, looking at all the supplies they were carrying. I wondered what room in the house they were planning to disrupt with their latest project.

“Don’t worry,” they said. “We’re not leaving all of this here. At least not this time. We’re going to a party.”

“With paint supplies? What kind of party?”

Have you ever seen flamingos roll their eyes? Sort of like they’re saying, do you not get it? 

So they explained their plans. And actually it sort of made sense. In a flamingo kind of way, of course.

It started with their wine tasting trip a few months ago. They’d had so much fun (and drank so much wine), they’d decided to find more activities to do which involved wine. Why not? They’re flamingos, and they like to party.

So they looked around and found several places that offered wine and paint nights. They called around and found one that could accommodate a group of flamingos 

“They told us if we wanted to, we could bring our own supplies and brushes that would fit our wings easier, so we have everything together. We’re going tonight, and our limo is on its way. Hey, would you like to join us?”

I was sort of tempted, but I explained I’d let them have all their fun this time. “Maybe next time,” I added.

They agreed, and headed out to the limo, ready to have an evening of fun.

The next morning we found several paintings in the foyer, as well as a few wing-painted wine glasses. They’d actually done a really good job!

A few hours later they came in and told us all about the night. They’d obviously had a great time! You could tell from all the paint all over their feathers! Obviously when they’d gotten home they sort of just fell into bed! 

They’d been given a private party room, which is not unusual for such an event. The restaurant set them up with three or four selections of wine and champagne, along with charcuterie boards with cheese, fruit, and shrimp (of course).

They had their choice of painting on canvas or watercolor paper, or selecting a plain wine glass and painting that with their own design. And since the flock couldn’t agree on the same project, the restaurant let them do whatever project they each selected.

Fortunately there were two art instructors there to help them, and the flamingos said the instructors were quite impressed about how well they did, and said they’d love to have them come back and do it again.

“They even asked to keep a few of our paintings for display pieces to show how anyone can do art, even if they aren’t experienced, and even if they’re flamingos!” said one of the birds quite proudly.

“And the next time we go you’re going with us!“ they added. “You and Ben haven’t partied with us for awhile, and it’s time!”

“We shall see,” I answered. “Now go wash the paint off your feathers from last night. You must’ve been really tired when you got home.” They started grumbling a little, and I had to remind them there’d be no going in the pool until they did.!

That was one way to handle those cute but pesky and somewhat hung-over flamingos!

So stay tuned for the next flamingo adventure which certainly sounds like we may get to experience first hand. You just never know what they’re going to do next.

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