Another Happy Birthday to the Leader of the Flock

It’s hard to believe that this particular post was written six years ago. So much has happened since then, and I’ve updated it accordingly, including some new pictures, but one thing remains the same. He’s still the leader if the flock!

Or shall I say the “unofficial” leader of the flock! After all, the real leader of the flamingo flock has to have his very own pink feathers! Feathers that grow on him naturally, that is!

But how many guys can actually claim to be an honorary member of the flock? It takes a special guy to have that honor bestowed upon him.

First of all, he has to like pink. Actually he has to like wearing pink! And that’s one thing he’s never minded. He has pink sweaters, pink shirts, and of course certain pink flamingo tropical shirts! Not to mention the glasses, and the hats, and, well, then there are the lights…..

He has to like shrimp, and of course that’s one of his favorite foods. Fortunately eating them hasn’t turned him pink yet, but you never know…! He could wake up one morning with pink hair! Yes, I’ve threatened this over the years, but never done it….YET

And he has to be a fan of pink wine or pink champagne, or at the least margaritas! And since he does prefer White Zinfandel, which is sort of pink, the flamingos took the opportunity to get some special wine for him for his birthday! Sure hope he likes it!

And since flamingos are quite creative, especially when it comes to decorating and party planning, the leader of the flock needs a bit of a flair for decorating, and, he is known for his talent at decorating the foyer ledge for Christmas and other seasonal events. Plus, the pool parties we used to have every year are renown for not only the food, but the costume contests, the festive decorating, and of course, the extremely talented bartenders! And let’s not forget our beloved Rusty the Golden Retriever Flamingo! Even though he has now crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, I have a feeling he’s having Pink Flamingo Pool Parties with his friends, making new traditions and enjoying a truly fantastic and specially designed flamingo pool just for him!

Flamingo parties were so much fun! and I’ve updated some of the flamingo picture gallery, just because I can!

I think by now we all know who we’re talking about. Who else but our very own Ben, who actually began the flamingo madness at our house and invited those fabulous pink birds to take up permanent residence! In fact, they were invited for the Great Flamingo Fly-In on his 60th birthday, and they just never left! Even after 13 years, (how can it be that long?) they’re still hanging around.

So in honor of his special day, the flamingos decided to have another flamingo birthday party for him. Only the very best for the Leader of the Flock, of course! And don’t feel bad if you didn’t get an invitation, because they only invited him, me, and all of the other flamingos and their friends!

There will be presents galore, we’re sure! All manner of flamingo gifts and gadgets to go with his growing collection (like he needs more)! He can always use more flamingo wine stoppers, wine glasses, and of course an extra set of flamingo dinnerware to use by the pool this summer for those special evenings with his closest flamingo friends who’ll join him for grilled shrimp and margaritas.

And what’s a birthday party without a birthday cake? And for this occasion, they decided to have a birthday cake contest, and they’d select the best five cakes to present to him! Of course, what he doesn’t know is that the flamingos’ way of presenting birthday cakes involves a bit of tossing and smashing, especially when it’s for a really special person! And especially when the flamingos have had an extra glass of wine or two! And the icing just may turn that hair pink!

Which one of these do you think he’d like the best?

So Ben, you’d better be prepared, because when the flamingos are involved, you just never know what will happen!!

And who knows? Maybe this summer we’ll try one more flamingo pool party, and yes, with all three of our grandchildren dressed in flamingo attire, including our newest grandson, Ryan. (Sorry Chris, but for this one day he’ll have to go along with the theme and wear something flamingoish. He’ll only be eight months old by then, and he’ll enjoy it!)

So Happy Birthday to the Leader of the Flock! And a really good sport!

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