The Feathered Nest and Breakfast

Ever since the flamingos opened their Flamingo Cafe along the boardwalk, they’ve been thinking about what else they could do in the spirit of flamingo entrepreneurship. 

The Flamingo Cafe was so popular and successful they were able to hire a full time manager while still retaining their ownership rights and having final say in matters of decor, food and drink, etc. It worked well for everyone. 

And it provided them with enough capital to start a new business. But what?

It didn’t take long to find out. 

So when they wandered in one morning carrying a tray of delicious looking breakfast treats, I figured they’d decided on their new project. I just hoped it didn’t involve baking! 

“So what do we have here?” We asked. “These look delicious,” Ben and I both tried some of the goodies, And they were as good as they looked! 

“We have some exciting news,” they said, talking all at once. As usual. Then Francine took over and explained it all to us.

It seemed the success of the Flamingo Cafe had motivated them to see what else they could do, and it really didn’t take that long to figure it out.  Some of their cousins lived in a quaint little town about an hour away, and when they went to visit them one weekend they found a really cute pink Victorian style home they just fell in love with.

“But don’t worry,” Francine quickly said. “We’re not moving away. But…we’ve decided to buy it and make it into a bed and breakfast place. There’s only one other in the town, and we figured it needs another. One with the special touches only we can bring to it!”

“We already have a name for it,” Felicia added. “The Feathered Nest and Breakfast House. And we already have the sign being designed. What do you think?”

“I like the name. Very appropriate.” So we all sat down at the table with the goodies while the flamingos filled us in on all the details. 

They’d come across the house while driving through town and saw the “for sale” sign in the yard. They immediately had their limo driver call the number on the sign and made an appointment to see it in a few hours.

They were so excited, and they were already making their plans before they even went inside.

“When the realtor got there,” said Francine, “she didn’t say one word about our being flamingos. She was even wearing a flamingo necklace, so we knew this was going to be just perfect!”

They’d toured the house, which had been modernized nicely, with a big kitchen that would do nicely for a bed and breakfast. “And it’s already pink,” Francine added. “We just need to add our own special touches, you know?”

The house had five bedrooms and four bathrooms. They’d already decided on the names for the rooms. “The Feathery Nest”, “Pink Dreams”, “Dancing Flamingo Suite”, “Flamazing Slumber Room”, and “A Flamingo Daze”.  And they’d started ordering the bedding and planning how they’d decorate each room, down to the pink towels and pink flamingo shaped soaps in the bathrooms.

Plus fresh flower arrangements in the bedrooms as well as other rooms. 

And they’d already started selecting furniture for the other rooms, including lots of flamingo throw pillows for the sofas and chairs. Flamingos sometimes like to throw the pillows around at each other for fun, especially during happy hour. And I did remind them they have to be careful about that when they have guests, so nothing will get messed up. And more importantly, no drinks will be spilled!

“The house is perfect,” Francine continued excitedly. She described the huge wraparound front porch and side porch with white wicker furniture. All they had to do was recover the cushions pink. And of course, hang a flamingo wreath on the front door. 

They showed us pictures of the swimming pool in the backyard, and the garden with pink and yellow rose bushes. “We’ll set up an outdoor dining area out there for breakfast in the summer,” she explained. “With white tables and pink umbrellas, of course.”

They had more pictures of a glassed-in breakfast room which would be perfect for days they couldn’t eat outside. And fortunately they’d discovered a couple of their flamingo cousins loved to cook, and actually could bake muffins and scones, so they’d already started planning the menus.

There’d also be a wine and cheese happy hour, of course, with charcuterie boards and wine served in the Flocking Room. “And a wine and paint night once a month which will be open to the town.” They’d even planned a small art gallery room with flamingo paintings for sale and planned to ask some of their guests to display their paint night creations as well.

“We’ll host parties there, too, with flamingo corn hole boards and other games. Plus we’ll have pink bicycles to rent to ride into town. Maybe even a pink golf cart eventually.”

Well, it certainly sounds like a lot of fun, and a great place to go visit for a weekend.

And as the flamingos explained, this little town has a community of flamingos living there already (did I mention they’re our flamingos’ cousins?) so the residents don’t think it’s unusual for flamingos owning businesses there. 

I guess we’ll find out more about that later. Personally we’re looking forward to the grand opening of their new adventure. It’s bound to be loads of fun!

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