Sometimes What People Don’t Say

Is more powerful than what they DO say.

Read that again.

What things are you saying because of what you’re NOT saying?

Are you afraid to speak up about something because you’re afraid you’ll make someone mad? Offend someone? Be ostracized or ridiculed because some people you want to

like you don’t agree with you?

Are you hesitant to speak up because you don’t think you can stand up for yourself? You don’t think you can make a convincing argument for your beliefs?

Are you afraid to be wrong? Or afraid people won’t want to believe you’re right?

Maybe you discovered something terrible about someone who was planning to hurt others and were too afraid to tell someone. And later had to live with the guilt of knowing you may have been able to prevent a tragedy.

There are all kinds of reasons we don’t speak up when we know we should.

Fear is the biggest one. We have an innate need to be liked, cared about, respected, by everyone we meet. But the reality is, that’s not possible.

Not everyone will like you, no matter what you say or don’t say.

Not everyone will respect you. Because they don’t want to hear what anyone says but themselves.

What you don’t say can be more important than what you do say.

So why are you holding back?

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