Who Wants Cake?

Must apologize for not updating sooner. There’s been so much going on recently –
the biggest project being our search for the perfect wedding venue for our daughter and her fiancé – one that is pretty, beachy, and bright, with great food, and – oh yes – affordable! More to come on that….

However, there are several areas that will most likely be a lot more fun than picking the venue, and one of them is obviously choosing the perfect wedding cake!
Just the idea itself conjures up all kinds of sugary ideas. The best part, of course, is going to all the tastings! After all, you have to be sure the cake is as delicious as it is beautiful! And everyone’s tastes are different, of course. In this case, the bride prefers yellow cake; the groom prefers chocolate. And mom (ME!), who is planning the event, thinks almond is the perfect wedding cake flavor. Then you have the Father of the Bride whose favorite cake is one with raspberry filling, which the bride doesn’t like at all!

So where to start…what to do!

The last wedding we planned featured a non-traditional wedding “cake”, although many brides are opting for this choice today. She wanted cake pops. That should be easy, right? Well, not if you’re looking for cheesecake cake pops! We searched and researched – thought we found someone – and they were totally booked for the wedding date! (And we didn’t even get to taste!)

Searching again finally led us to another baker in the area (cheesecake cake pops are evidently not the easiest things to make). Hooray! We went to visit – tasted – and that was it! Perfect! Beautifully decorated and in a raspberry flavor/color to match their wedding colors. (Even my daughter – the next bride – who hates raspberry – loved them!)
Cake Pops

They were a huge success! And then our baker’s husband got transferred and they moved to another state…..

Although we have plenty of time before we need to address the wedding cake issue, I decided to sort of start the ball rolling early. After all, since I make wedding cake toppers, and I happened to have a few of my latest creations in my studio, and we were having our annual flamingo pool party, what better time to introduce my flamingo wine cork wedding cake toppers than at the party! And of course have the newly engaged couple practice cutting the cake! (With one layer chocolate and the other yellow, of course!)P1000550

They did a great job, although I didn’t make them practice feeding each other. Plenty of time for that later….and I didn’t want either of them wearing cake for the rest of the evening. It could tend to get a little messy in the pool!

We had so much fun with the tiered flamingo cake, I decided to try another style on our bride-to-be for her birthday cake! My champagne cork beach bathing beauties looked awesome on her cake….and the palm trees and umbrellas were the perfect touch! And no, I DIDN’T make this. That’s what bakeries and pastry chefs are for!

Of course, we forgot that the umbrellas were made of paper, and the candles got a little too close to the umbrellas, and, well, it was interesting to watch the umbrellas sort of disintegrate! Not to worry, we didn’t catch the restaurant on fire, and the bathing beauty corks are fine!

So does this make you hungry? Or better yet, how about give you ideas for decorating your next cake? Take a look at some of the cake toppers and our other corky beaded goodies we make, order the one(s) of your choice, and start designing!

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