Happy Anniversary, Mommy and Daddy!!

I bet you didn’t think I knew today was your anniversary, did you?? Well, I did…your grandmother actually sent me a dream last night and reminded me! Don’t you remember I told you we babies dream when we’re inside our mommies? Oh I’ve had some wonderful dreams I haven’t even told you about! Maybe one day I’ll be able to tell you.

I also heard you and Daddy talking about your anniversary last night. I heard how excited you were, and heard you talking about how you can’t believe you’ve been married for a year already! AND you’re having a baby! Like almost any time now!

Image2But do you know what the best part of your anniversary is today? You’re going to get to see ME again. Because you’re going to have another ultrasound, and Daddy gets to be there, too! I’m really excited about this one, because it’s hopefully the last one before I’m born! Isn’t this going to be a wonderful way to celebrate your anniversary? We’re actually going to be celebrating it together… All three of us! I wish I had a gift to give you, but that’ll have to wait.

Image1When I was still in heaven, your grandmother told me all about your wedding. She said it was beautiful. That you and daddy looked so perfect together, and she could tell how much you loved each other. And of course you still do! She said my grandmother was so proud of you both, and that my grandfather was starting to cry when he walked you down the aisle to give you away to Daddy. And you do know that one day, my Daddy will be doing that for me. And I bet he’ll cry, too.

Image3She told me all about your dress, and your flowers, and all your friends there with you, and how you had a charm on your bouquet with a picture of you and her together. I can’t wait til we take our first picture together! And I want to see the picture she was telling me about. She actually said she liked that one of her, and you know she didn’t like to have her picture taken!

And now you’re getting ready to have me! What a great anniversary present! Except I don’t come gift wrapped! So I guess I really AM giving you a present, aren’t I? (Giggle!!!)

I’d really like to be born today, so I could be your anniversary present, but I think it would be better for me to have my own birthday. You can celebrate your anniversary on your own special day, and then I can have my own special day, too.

Image4So after you see me on that ultrasound (and be sure to watch me waving at you – I’m so excited!) You and Daddy can go celebrate your anniversary. Please have some yummy food, and be sure to have cake! Celebrations always call for cake, and your grandmother told me you’re supposed to eat the top layer from your wedding cake on your first anniversary. I hope it tastes good, and I hope it has a lot of icing! I love icing!

Happy first anniversary, Mommy and Daddy! I love you both! And I’ll see you real soon!


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  1. That was such a beautiful message. Rachael is just waiting to see her mommy & daddy in person real soon. Happy anniversary!

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