Let’s Do That Again, Mommy!

Mommy, you sure know how to do a lot of fun things! At least from my point of view they’re fun! And you must like them, too, or else you wouldn’t do them!

Snow 4 wheelerBack in the winter when it snowed you decided to go out with Daddy on our 4-wheeler and drive around in the snow! It was noisy and bumpy, but you were laughing and yelling for Daddy to drive faster! I guess I can say that was my first time on one of those, because you had no choice but to take me, since I was inside of you! I was only the size of an artichoke, but I enjoyed it! I also heard my grandmother telling you how you shouldn’t have done that, but….

Mommy, I had fun. I mean, I couldn’t see what we were doing but I felt us going around in circles and over some little hills, and it felt like fun! Can we do it again after I’m born? Well, I guess it’ll have to be a few years after I’m born, but I really want to go again. Maybe you and Daddy will even buy me one of my own when I’m big enough? But it’ll have to be pink, of course.

And then today you took me around on the riding lawn mower! Now that was noisy, too, and you were going in circles a lot more! And talk about bouncing around…you had me jumping up and down, and not just a few times! I’m the size of a big cantaloupe right now so I bet you felt me a lot! I hope I didn’t kick you too much!

Do you think Daddy will let me cut the grass when I’m older? Of course he’ll have to wait til I’m a lot bigger, but I bet I could do a good job.

That reminds me of some other fun things I want to try. When I’m old enough, of course. I heard you talking to Daddy one night about roller coasters and how much you love them! And how you can’t wait to go on them again this summer. I know from what you said I won’t be able to go, because they go too high and way too fast! So I guess I’ll have to wait for that. But you can still go…I’ll stay home with Grandmom and Grandpa, at least for the first few years, because I’ll not be big enough to ride those big rides. But one day we’ll be on them together! More things to look forward to!

Your grandmother told me some stories about other things you’ve done like that. She wasn’t around to see you do some of them, but she sure knows about them! She said you went parasailing with my grandfather for your twelfth birthday, and when she called you for your birthday that night, all you could talk about was how much fun it was, and how you couldn’t wait to go again!

She also told me about how you and one of your friends went jumping off a big rock in Hawaii. She said my grandmother was really worried about it, but of course you couldn’t wait! She also knows that when you jumped the first time you landed wrong and hurt yourself, but what did you do? You went back and jumped again to make sure you got it right! I don’t know if she was watching you while you were doing it, but she sure told me all about it!

You sound like you’re going to be a fun mommy! I bet we’re going to do all kinds of interesting things together! I know God picked the right parents for me…my Mommy and Daddy are going to be perfect! I’m sure our new life together will be nothing but fun! I can’t wait!

I love you, Mommy. All this excitement today has made me tired, so I’ll say good night. Oops! Sorry, but I had to stretch. Did I kick you again? It’s getting a little tight in here and I needed some room. Which means I’m going to be born soon! Hooray!

Until then…. (BIG KISS!!!)


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  1. Of course Rachel is going to be a dare devil just like her mommy. Hurry up Rachel we are all waiting for your arrival.

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