Pass the Roundup®

“Sometimes we just need to spray some Roundup® in our life to get rid of all the unnecessary drama and pettiness of some of the people around us.” That’s not my original thought; a friend posted it. But it sure does fit certain circumstances sometimes!

I’m amazed at the level of pettiness some people will resort to just to make themselves look like a victim because people aren’t treating them the way they THINK they should be treated. Instead of actually talking to them about the perceived slight (and perceived is usually the correct word!), and working things out, they elect to plaster innuendos and snide remarks all over social media so they can make themselves look like they’re being mistreated. And make others feel sorry for them.

There are two sides to every story. But for a passive aggressive personality or narcissist there’s only one side. Their own. And heaven help anyone who crosses them. They are always right; they’re quick to tell you that. They never make mistakes; they’ll quickly tell you that, too. If something doesn’t go quite the way they want, or the way they think it should, then everyone else is wrong. Two sided discussions do not work.

Passive aggressive personalities can be bad; narcissistic personalities are magnified ten times over, at least. If they aren’t the center of attention, they will do everything they can to make themselves so. And make everyone else look like they’re picking on them, including lying and distorting situations to fit their own agenda.

It’s their way or the highway. How many people do you know like that? Do you need some Roundup®, too?

Social media plays a big part in this, unfortunately. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of social media. I use it for blogging, and I use it to keep in touch with friends. I enjoy social media, but I don’t enjoy seeing all of the negative comments and snide remarks aimed at people who are supposedly friends (or even worse, family members!) made by people who should definitely know better. Drama belongs on stage or in the movies, not on social media or within families that are supposed to love each other. That’s how weeds start growing, eventually letting a bit of poison ivy creep in as well.

I don’t understand people who make sarcastic comments clearly aimed at someone, but very carefully not mentioning who that person is, adding little hints here and there to suck others into the drama; others who have no idea what is going on. Wouldn’t it be easier to just talk to that someone they think has wronged them, instead of planting weeds and poison ivy?

I don’t understand people who read posts that are clearly meant to be humorous, and while almost everyone takes them as such, there’s that one person who decides it’s a slam against THEM, and then makes comments clearly out of line with the story. Because they’re SURE it’s talking negatively about THEM. And the weeds and poison ivy spread even further.

Before you know it, the weeds are spreading everywhere. You know how quickly weeds spread. And how toxic poison ivy can be. Bullying takes many forms, and it’s not limited to middle schoolers and teens. Adults do it, too, in far more destructive ways.

Bullying isn’t limited to social media. Families sometimes excel in it, with the stronger personality types relishing in criticizing and putting down other family members because THEY certainly know all the answers, instead of loving them and actually listening to what is going on in their lives. The weeds run rampant, spreading throughout the family. The poison ivy takes over and makes others sick.

And if there’s not enough Roundup®, the whole group can become nothing but a field full of weeds and poison ivy.

It’s not all dismal, though. Sometimes there are flowers in the mix that are masquerading as weeds, and with the right amount of conversational Miracle-Gro® they can blossom into the flowers they were intended to be. Sometimes it can take a few treatments to discover if they’re really flowers or not. But you’ll know.
However weeds grow quickly. If left unchecked, they can suffocate everything around them. Poison ivy can do the same, quickly spreading its irritating sap onto everyone it touches.

It’s time for many of us to look at our gardens carefully, apply a little Miracle-Gro® where indicated, and then do some weeding and clear out some poison ivy. And the best time to start is right now.

So pass the Roundup®. The Miracle-Gro® has done all it can. And I’m running out of weed control.

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  1. I’m believing in a Miracle-Gro to take over all the poison ivy in the world especially in families too. Please pass the Miracle-Gro!!

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