Choose Wisely

Because you don’t want to make another mistake.

Because a beautiful face is not nearly as important as a beautiful heart.

Because you don’t want to wake up one morning and discover Prince/Princess Charming is an ugly toad with more warts than you can count.

Because there are worse things than being temporarily alone and without a special person in your life. It doesn’t mean it’ll be that way forever.

Because you can’t make yourself be truly happy by settling for the first person who comes along and promises you the moon and the stars. Besides, they’re not his/hers to give you.

Because the last thing you want to do is select someone out of desperation, thinking it’s your only choice. Settling for second, or even third best, because you don’t want to wait for the right one.

Because you do not want to be in another failed marriage. One that failed because you wouldn’t choose wisely, but chose quickly because you didn’t want to wait; because you thought you had to settle for the first person who came along and showed interest in you, because you were afraid you wouldn’t find anyone else.

Because when you finally meet the right partner, the one The Lord has intended for you, you’ll know it. You’ll know that you know that you KNOW! And if you decide to marry that person, there won’t be those moments of nagging doubt at the last minute, wondering if you’re making another mistake. The butterflies in your stomach will be from happiness and anticipation, not doubt and concern that this one won’t work out either.

And you WILL feel like running, but not away. You’ll want to run down that aisle to your new spouse. Because you KNOW it’s right.

You’ll know in your heart, and you’ll know in your spirit. You won’t have to question, and you won’t have to ask your friends, “do you think he/she is the ONE?” Because you’ll know, and so will they. You won’t need reassurance.

He/she won’t try to change you into something you’re not, because they’ll love you for who you are, not who they plan to make you into.

You won’t need to say, “I really need to try to make myself care more about him/her because I don’t want to be by myself.” Or, “I really think I like him/her (as a potential spouse), but I wish he/she was….”

Being single after so many years of being a couple isn’t the easiest thing to go through. You see your friends who are still a couple and wonder when it’s ever going to be your turn to be part of a couple again. And finding that person you can become a couple with again becomes an obsession.

But it’s not something you can rush. You don’t want to start thinking, “is he/she is THE ONE?” every time you meet a new person. Healing is important, and until you’re healed from the hurt and pain you’ve gone through, you’re not ready to be in any serious relationship. Sometimes it takes years, and sometimes it doesn’t, depending on your circumstances. And before you can be thoroughly healed, you have to discover who YOU are; what your own desires and goals are for your life; and you have to be comfortable being with yourself. Because if you don’t like your own self, how can you expect someone else to?

Be careful when you make this next choice. It’s your life, as well as theirs, that’s hanging in the balance.

Choose wisely. And carefully.

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