On the Night Before Your Next (and last) Wedding

You never really believed this day would come. You’re so excited you don’t know if you’ll ever be able to sleep! Because tomorrow is the day you never thought would happen. The plans have all been made and everything has been double and triple checked. The rehearsal went off without any problems. And now, in just a matter of hours, your life will be changing once again.

But this time, the change is for nothing but good.

The last few years have been long and difficult. Those first few months after the breakup and divorce were some of the worst times of your life. You didn’t know how you were going to continue on.

But you did.

It was rough at first. You had no idea what to do to make ends meet. You were depressed. Scared. Angry. Hurt. Lonesome. So very lonesome.

You tried to avoid going places with friends because every time you saw a couple out together at dinner, you got upset, because you knew they had to be happy. Well, they may not have been happy, but at least they were together.

Everywhere you looked there were couples. Walking and laughing together. Holding hands. Or arm in arm looking in store windows and pointing to things they liked. One time you saw a couple in a jewelry store looking at rings and you almost ran out of the mall in tears.

Everything was a constant reminder of what you’d lost. What you didn’t have any more.

What you thought you’d never have again.

Then you decided you had to go find someone. You couldn’t take it any more. Every person you knew who wasn’t married or in a relationship was a potential target. Even though you’d known them for years, and never ever thought about the possibility of a romantic relationship (Well why would you; you were married then! Now it’s time to find someone, and find them now!)

Every time someone of the opposite sex paid any attention to you, you were sure that was The One! Even if you weren’t attracted to that person. You tried to be attracted, because you were afraid there would be no one else. You didn’t want to be alone and you felt time was running out.

And none of those “The One’s” were the one, were they? Because you were trying to force something to happen, when that wasn’t the plan the Lord had for you. He had The One picked out for you for quite awhile.

But until you were ready, you couldn’t meet The One. And you never thought about how The One had to be ready to meet you as well.

And just when you’d given up, when you’d stopped looking, when you KNEW you’d be single and alone for the rest of your life, it happened. And you didn’t even realize it at the time. Because you’d stopped trying to make things happen before it was time.

You didn’t even realize you were both falling in love. You started out as friends, talking and laughing and comparing all your life experiences, and realizing how much you had in common. You liked each other’s kids and grandkids. You gave each other little gifts for no reason, and talked for hours about nothing. You liked each other’s friends, and they all liked your new friend. And you almost never compared that person to your ex. You didn’t need to, because there was no comparison needed.

And surprisingly, all your friends knew before you did, that you’d finally gotten it right. They weren’t even surprised when he asked you to marry him and gave you the most beautiful engagement ring you’d ever seen. You were the only one who didn’t see it coming, because you’d finally stopped trying to force your life into the mold you wanted it to be, instead of letting it happen the way the Lord had planned.

And now, tomorrow, you will stand on the beach, in a long pink dress, with flowers in your hair and in your hands, with all of your children around you. He will be beside you, take your hand, and as you slip those shiny gold rings on each others’ fingers, you will promise to love and cherish each other for the rest of your lives. Your friends will all be there laughing and crying with tears of joy. Pictures will be taken and your smiles will show the world how happy you are!

You’ll slice into a beautiful wedding cake decorated with flowers and seashells, and you’ll carefully feed each other the first slice, and toast each other with crystal glasses, celebrating your new life together. And after dancing on the beach under the stars you’ll head off to a romantic honeymoon, just the two of you!

No, it’s not a dream. It’s finally your dream come true. This is real. It’s been a long time coming, but tonight is your last night of being alone. And this time, you’re not scared, not worried that you’re making a mistake. This time it’s right.

It’s your last wedding.

And this time the wedding is also a marriage.

Be blessed! Your time has come!

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