Counting the Raindrops

The other night I was once again laying in bed trying to go to sleep. The harder I tried, the more awake I seemed to get. So I read for a few minutes. I readjusted my pillow. Even tried to count sheep. Then switched to counting cats, and how many times they started “singing” to me. Cats are nocturnal and our two new ones like to serenade us at night with a meowing version of a lullaby.

That certainly didn’t help.

So I continued to lay there, listening to the nonstop bouncing of raindrops on the skylights. Maybe I could count them? No, who could ever count those? It’s an impossible task.

Or is it?

Then I remembered. It may be impossible for you and me. But if the Lord catches all our tears and keeps them in His individual bottles for us…If He numbers each hair on our heads…if He knows how many stars are in the universe, and has named every one of them…if He fashions each individual snowflake a bit different from all the rest…if He knows how many grains of sand there are on the beach, and makes each one of those microscopic granules different from each of the others…..

Surely counting each drop of rain isn’t difficult for Him either. He doesn’t even get tired from doing it. Of course neither did I get tired from trying it, which is a whole other subject.

But perhaps the Lord kept me awake those several extra hours just so I could think about all of this. To try to get me to understand just how awesome He is; how amazing and how totally in charge of all of the wonders of nature around us.

Perhaps He wanted me to understand once again that He can so easily do these seemingly impossible tasks without even lifting a finger.

Perhaps He wanted me to understand the things that I’m praying for and standing in faith for…the things I see as so difficult and so massive…so impossible…they’re not difficult for Him at all!

I can’t count the raindrops. Or the snowflakes. Or the stars. Or the grains of sand. But the Lord can. And He does.

And He will accomplish the things we are standing in faith for. Maybe not in the exact way we want or expect, but in the best way to further our lives for good.

Because He can count the raindrops. I can’t.

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