The Flamingo Derby

The flamingos had a real problem this week. They love parties, as we all know, but this weekend there are actually two events they could have parties for. And as creative as they are, and as good at throwing parties as they are, well, even the flamingos couldn’t manage to have two fantastic parties in two days. So they had a decision to make.

Cinco de Mayo? Or the Kentucky Derby?

After all, they do like margaritas, but they aren’t that fond of Mexican music, or Mexican food, for that matter. At least not to make an array of Mexican dishes for an entire group of hungry flamingos.

The Kentucky Derby? Now that’s a whole other concept for them. With lots of possibilities…mint juleps aren’t bad, and they can always find ways to make them pink, and there are so many ways to make fancy concoctions with bourbon.

Then there are the hats! What self-respecting flamingo can resist those fancy, gaudy, and outrageous hats?!

So that was it! A Kentucky Derby party it would be! And they set to work!

Of course it would be on the Saturday of the Derby….and they had to first figure out where to have it, because after all, you have to actually watch the race at a Kentucky Derby party!  That’s the whole point! Well, sort of…. For the flamingos, it was first of all an excuse to have another party and show off their party planning skills, but also it was an opportunity to see who could find the most lavish hats, because after all, the Derby hats, especially for the ladies, are almost as important as the mint juleps!

Once again our house was borrowed for the event, but at least this time they asked, and even invited us to attend! Thoughtful birds, those flamingos!

And now the party plans got underway. Starting with the perfect door decoration. The race is sometimes called the “run for the roses,” and even though we’re talking red roses, the flamingos changed it around a bit to suit their style. I think it works! And of course, they had special table decorations!

Every good Kentucky/Flamingo Derby party has to have mint juleps. It’s tradition! Of course, you know the flamingos had to put their special style to it, by creating champagne juleps, and a huge variety of other flavors from strawberry to blackberry to even watermelon juleps! Served in crystal or traditional silver mugs! With the appropriate drink stirrers, of course!

And what great bar setups they designed! Definitely perfect focal points for partying flamingos! After all, since they couldn’t decide which one they liked best, why not have more than one….

They didn’t forget the food, which also had to be special. Bourbon shrimp, bourbon meatballs, horseshoe shaped sandwiches, and various assorted Kentucky inspired dishes.

Of course the desserts are equally appealing, in true elegant flamingo style! Naturally! From bourbon pecan pie to mint julep cupcakes, bourbon brownies, bourbon pecan tarts, strawberry “roses”, and of course, Kentucky Derby cookies and cakes!

But let’s not forget the race itself. The flamingos decided they had to have a betting table, all in fun, of course, with no money being exchanged. But the prize, of course, is a case of champagne, with flamingo designed crystal flutes! And a pink loving cup, of course. We’re not sure who will win, but the top choices so far from the flamingos are Classic Empire and Always Dreaming. Why? They like the names, of course, although they were disappointed there were no flamingo jockeys. Maybe next year…they’re already working on it, and hard at work designing silks for the selected jockey!

As well as trying to determine if a flamingo can actually enter the race. Maybe as the Leader of the starting parade?

But the piece de resistance, as they like to say, are the hats! You cannot have a Kentucky Derby party without the proper hats, and these flamingos have outdone themselves selecting their Derby hats. Of course there’s a prize for the best one. Which one do you think should win?

Will we be joining the festivities? Well, let’s put it this way. I DO have a hat almost ready for the occasion. Just in case….

Update: And did you see who won the Derby?? Always Dreaming! One of the flamingos’ picks! I think next year we will need to listen very carefully to who those pink birds are betting on!

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