Fear of the Unknown

We’ve all been faced with that time. For some of us, it’s been many times.

That time when we have to make a decision and actually act on it. 

We know we need to do a certain thing. We actually HAVE to do it for our own sanity and well-being.

But taking that step…that first step that can never be taken back…it’s sometimes scary. Sometimes very difficult. We know what we need to do, and why. But being human, and afraid of change, we sometimes put it off. And sometimes we put it off until it’s too late.

Why do some many of us hesitate for so long in actually doing what we say we need, and/or want, to do?

Simple. It’s that fear of the unknown. Being terrified to take that irreversible step that will change our life. Never mind that we know it’ll be for the best. Perhaps not immediately because after we take that first step, there are other steps to be followed to finish what we started. And those can be just as scary.

But think how worth it it all will be, in the end.

So how do you go about actually doing that thing you need to do? Without putting it off forever?

Sometimes it’s quite simple. You get into a situation where you suddenly have no choice, and before you know it, you’ve taken that irreversible step. At first you think “what have I done?” And then slowly you realize you’ve just changed your life in the direction you’ve wanted to go for quite sometime. And it wasn’t as hard as you’d thought.

Sometimes you have to make plans for what you’re going to do as soon as you say those words that you’ve been putting off. And that’s not bad either, but putting off making the plans only prolongs your situation and makes you more fearful, more hesitant, and in the end, you may never even go through with it. 

And you may miss out on something wonderful that was waiting around the corner for you.

Fear of the unknown is natural. We all hesitate in making those life changing decisions that we’re called to do from time to time. Getting married; leaving a secure job to start a new business; moving to a new place for a job where you know no one; leaving an unhappy marriage; calling off a relationship that’s going nowhere…all of these decisions and more are made by other people every day.

So what’s stopping you?

You’ll never know what the future holds for you unless you jump into it. But you know what the present is, and since you know you need to change it, what are you waiting for?

 Do you want to live the rest of your life thinking, “I wonder what would have happened if…?” Or do you want to think, “I’m so glad I made that move. Because it was so worth it.”

The only thing stopping you from conquering that fear of the unknown is you. 

What are you waiting for?

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