Every Morning Starts with a Sunrise

Why is that such a big deal, you may ask?

Because it’s a daily reminder that every day is a brand new day. A new start. A new opportunity to begin something you’ve always wanted to do; to take a chance. To step out of your comfort zone and grasp what’s ahead of you with total expectations of the best that’s yet to come.

Because each new day brings that same feeling of expectation. That feeling of newness. This new day ahead of you is like no other before it, and the one after it will be totally different as well.

This new day begins quite similar to a lot of other new days, but like snowflakes, no two sunrises are ever quite the same, just as no two days are ever the same.

Sure, the sun rises in the same place in the sky every morning. And even if you watch it from the exact same spot every time, it’s never going to be quite the same. The cloud formations will be a bit different, painting the colors around the sun and throughout the sky with streaks and splotches that will not be repeated again in any sunrise. The Master Artist who paints each sunrise paints each one slightly different every morning, just as an artist who paints on canvas can never paint exactly the same picture a second time.

It just reminds us that every sunrise brings a new day. A new hope. A new adventure.

A new beginning.

Some mornings it’s extremely difficult to see the sunrise. It may be totally obscured from our sight by thick clouds bringing rain or snow, and the prospect of gloomy, dreary weather. But the sunrise is still there, just as it is every morning; we just can’t see it, because the darkness keeps it away.

And we can’t truly appreciate the beauty of the light until we’ve been in the darkness. Just like the sunrise…if we could see it every morning no matter what, we’d eventually get complacent, and stop seeing and appreciating the wonder that comes with each bright, beautiful new beginning. We might not always appreciate the sunrise and what it means as much as we should if it were always clearly visible to us.

Similarly, how can we know real joy unless we’ve known sorrow? We’d have nothing to compare it to.

Did you watch this morning’s sunrise? Did its sheer beauty, its colorful display of bright light, speak to your heart? Did it make you feel loved? Did it remind you that no matter how the day before was, this is a new day…a new beginning. A new chance to do something better than yesterday.

It’s a new opportunity to start the rest of your life all over again, to change past mistakes, begin new relationships, and start to become the person you’ve always wanted to be.

That’s all in that sunrise you watched. And if you didn’t see it, just know it was there, and even if you missed it, the same opportunity awaits you. You can see another sunrise tomorrow morning.

But right now, it’s a new day. The sun has risen and brought you this new day. This new opportunity.

What are you going to do with it?

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