Meet Me at the Sunrise

One morning, very early, as I was once again having trouble sleeping, the Lord spoke to me.

“Meet me at the sunrise. I will show you My glory. The beauty I have created for each of you. Individually. Because no one looks at a sunrise exactly the same. What do you see when you see the sunrise? Do you see the works of My hand? Do you see My face? Look closely. Because I’m there. And if I would create this beauty for you this morning, what more do you think I will do for you?

Where do you picture this sunrise? Over the ocean or a lake? Riding over a mountain? This signals a new day filled with hope and joy to come.”

Wow! What an invitation! How could I refuse?

Except…when you have to go to work in the morning, there’s unfortunately no time to go out and sit and enjoy the majesty of a sunrise, except on a Saturday morning.

This was a week night.

What was I to do? Not go to work or go in late? Try to sneak a peek though closed curtains as I got dressed? Leave for work early enough that I could watch the sunrise from my car as I drove in?

But then the Lord spoke again…

“The sunrise is not only outside in my creation. The sunrise is all around you, if you will only look for it. Yes, I display it magnificently for you in nature…at the beach…in the mountains…over a quiet morning lake. Cameras in the hands of believers and non-believers capture that beauty on a daily basis and share it with others like you who cannot be there in the moment to watch My creation come alive again.

Those photos are a permanent reminder of My great love. Have you noticed that each photo is different? Because each of you see a sunrise differently. How you see it depends not only where you are physically, but where you are emotionally, spiritually; what season of life you are in.

Because the sunrise is not just a physical display of cosmic perfection that happens every day because it’s supposed to. Each sunrise is created just a bit different than the one before it. Like My snowflakes, no two will ever be exactly alike.

It doesn’t matter where you see the sunrise, but how you see it.

Because My sunrise is presented each day to the entire world, in a continuing display of glory from nation to nation, as a reminder that it’s a new day, a new time. A time to refresh and renew.

Every minute of every day someone is viewing a sunrise, and seeing it just a bit different, even from the person who may be standing beside them. Every minute someone is starting a new day.

What will you do with your new day today? Because yesterday is gone and will never come again. Today is your new beginning.”

Well….I hadn’t thought of it that way.

So what did I do?

I’m not going to answer that one. Because I want you to think about what YOU would have done.

And make that the answer.

Enjoy the sunrise!

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